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Haunted Shadows: The Devil's Stone Chapter 11 by ChelseaStawicki, literature

Haunted Shadows: The Devil's Stone Chapter 10 by ChelseaStawicki, literature

Chains Doesn't Define Us by ChelseaStawicki, literature

Haunted Shadows: The Devil's Stone Chapter 9 by ChelseaStawicki, literature

When the Demon Whispers by ChelseaStawicki, literature

A Warrior From the Dark by ChelseaStawicki, literature

A Cold Promise (Vented Poetry) by ChelseaStawicki, literature

Haunted Shadows: The Devil's Stone Chapter 8 by ChelseaStawicki, literature

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Does My Beauty Still Exist? by ChelseaStawicki, visual art

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ChelseaStarling| Chelsea Anastasia Stawicki | 27 | Single | Aries | Literature (maybe) Digital Artist


I am just a kind, gentle and depressed soul who has a dark gothic personality and lifestyle with a dark passion of wanting to be a Narrator and Story-writer, although you will also be seeing some Poetry, Fan-Fiction and Literature. I’m not really good at being an artist even when I try to…

I have a love for photography, creepy\scary things, literature, animations, movies and tv shows.

My real drug is books… I am a book… book...

Unfortunately I like to keep my life private for personal IRL reasons.


My Favorite Works of Poetry~

Favourite Movies
Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, Trolls, Iron Man, Captain America, The Croods, I Am Legend, The Road to El Dorado, Zootopia, Frozen Brother Bear, Mulan, The Avengers, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, The Chronicles of Narnia
Favourite TV Shows
Supernatural, The Flash, Vampire Diaries, Goosebumps, Steven Universe, Charmed, Blade, My Little Pony, Angel, Phineas and Ferb, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H, Pokemon, X-Men Evolution,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Black Veil Brides, Merfolk, The Amity Affliction, Tristania, EKIPA, Behemoth, Soulcase, Hunter, Riverside, Tede the Rapper, Anita Lipnicka, Vadar, Decapitated, Underdark, Halford, Lunatic Soul, Closterkeller, Mandaryna, Cool Kids of Death, Graveland
Favourite Books
Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Blood Like Magic, The Devouring, A Witch In Time, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, The 5th Wave, Maze Runner, Blood and Chocolate, The Exorcist, American Psycho, Goosebumps, The Chronicles of Narnia
Favourite Writers
Robert Louis Stevenson, Liselle Sambury, Simon Holt, Constance Sayers, Richelle Mead, Edgar Allan Poe, J.K Rowling, Rick Yancey, Mary Shelley, James Dashner, Annette Curtis Klause, Bram Stoker, Angela Carter
Favourite Games
Five Nights At Freddy's, Until Dawn, Undertale, GMod, GTA, Prop Hunt, Minecraft, The Evil Within, SCP Containment Breach, Prey, Pokemon, Sonic, Soma,
Other Interests
H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ann Radcliffe, Christina Rossetti, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Stanisław Barańczak
Sorry that I have been dead for a while, I've been dealing with a lot of heavy things for a couple of months.
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This feels like it is getting too far... if anyone is trying to ask me to sell some of my artworks? Stop creating accounts for my attention and deactivating. Clearly it is not something you can do to everyone, it just makes me or other creators annoyed or wasting time. Which is also the same reason I put on my last post that no one cares about reading.
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So I've been getting notes that offered me money, I know I may write this down like I'm calling out people but I'm not, it is nice that people do that to share support for other artists. Although when it comes from me as a confession; I don't do art or literature for money, I only do those to share a life that isn't only behind a device... sadly and truthfully... all of my poetry is in fact real life situations that I go through. Since I don't ask for money I don't know for sure if I should remove all of the platforms that are money profits, I've also seen an eligible tweet on my twitter that I have all recommendations to gain money there. I have no intentions of making money on the internet for very obvious reasons. These reasons are: Keeping this apart from my life on the Internet and IRL Keeping my identity safe No intentions of harming anyone Protecting those I love and myself Keeping anything away from suspicious accounts Never wanting to claim any stupid excuses To be as smart
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Thank you for the fav :)

Thank you for the fav!😊🧡💙

🙂 Thank you! 👋

Dzięki za favka! I tip my hat to you.