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The Silent Cat: The Midnight City Chapter 5
The Silent Cat: The Midnight City
Shadow Blood Chapter 4
For the first time in forever, I had never felt so much better in a bed like this, after I woke up in the bed, I didn't realize how numb my body felt, the sheets were so warm that is making my skin feel soft and tickled lightly, my eyes didn't want to close anymore like I just had the night I've always wanted, I've felt stronger mentally but in the state of physically it was comfortable and almost made me want to stay in this bed forever.
I felt myself feel weak and stretched but at the same time I yawned, but what I didn't notice in the next couple of seconds, I was hugging a pillow in front of me and below my chin, the last time I saw the pillows there were at least four, which is now scattered around the floor and to my surprise, I felt better from all of the times in the past seven years of rough sleep.
Yet, my sunglasses were off and on one pillowcase, as I was reaching out for it I noticed some
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Sweetheart OC by ChelseaStarling Sweetheart OC :iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 0 Sterling The Gothic Witch by ChelseaStarling Sterling The Gothic Witch :iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 7 11
Place that blade,
A red shade.
Wounds of the past,
Make it last!
This dark sensation of pain,
Is it making me weak or strong to gain?
Is loneliness a real friend?
Does it actually end?
Cold skin,
Cold skin.
Boiling blood,
An interesting flood.
Paint it red,
What an interesting dread.
Watch me fall,
And watch me crawl.
Am I dead?
There is nothing left to be said.
A monster you want?
A monster you will see.
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 2 0
Cold and Black...
Freeze my heart,
Tear it apart.
My soul to surrender,
My heart as a pretender.
Turn this soulless body into a puppet,
Realize the cold and rough truth about it.
Pain, pain and pain,
Gain, gain or regain?
This anger,
With this dagger.
A smile to keep on crying,
Is it really horrifying?
Everything that I've been through is nothing suffer,
No wonder.
Loose you're mind with insanity,
Its nothing but agony.
Smile while dying,
Its so electrifying!
No longer human,
You are blooming.
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 4 0
Melody of Tears
I'm not ready to face this future alone,
I have no other choice but to be one.
Terrified of what lies ahead,
Everything is making my life all about dread.
The tears will keep on falling,
I'd rather be rotting.
Play this song,
There's nothing wrong.
Let this light melody sing,
Pierce my wing.
Tie me down,
I will just drown...
Loosing my breath of life,
With this blooded knife.
Hear the last melody until it fades,
Into these darker shades.
The last tear floats away,
I will no longer pray.
One last goodbye,
I can no longer try.
Sing until everything runs cold,
No longer gold.
Empty eyes with no soul,
Its black as coal.
One last heartbeat,
No longer sweet.
Still statue,
Still and frozen.
I lost everything...
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 4 0
Snowflake OC by ChelseaStarling Snowflake OC :iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 4 0
Air (Poetry)
Warming breezes from the blinding sunlight,
Cooling relaxation from the calming moonlight.
An angel’s call to spread their wings,
Given to spark up this twilight of stars that they bring.
To fly through the darkness and the pain,
To breath and to regain.
Is it time to feel alive?
To fall and to dive.
Strength from soaring through the skies,
Weakness from falling into the abyss with cries.
Bask into your eclipsed heart,
Not to tear apart.
Or to inhale in the air to find confidence,
It’s quite ominous...
Breathe to find yourself,
Or breathe to find ourselves.
What a world to live in,
It’s what lies within.
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 0
Possessive!Tale Chapter 4 Martyr
As the surface was dawning with the lights of the sun over the horizon with a mix of yellow, pink and blue it was slowly spreading the daylight across the land, as soon the clouds made way to reveal the sun I was just standing at the edge of the village, looking at the most brightest and gorgeous view with the mountains blending with the morning sun and sky.
Even if it’s during the day I was still trapped inside no matter what, as I am hopeless to stop Chara from killing everyone and everything.
Walking back into town in the morning to see what is going to happen next, more XP to take and more LV to grow.
Everyone is in danger while I am trapped inside of myself that can't seem to break free or speak out and shout, "RUN!" 
Hiding the knife in my pocket while looking around the village trying to find another monster to fight.
Instead of any other monster...but a used to be brother of Chara, came out of a house of where Toriel or Asgore might be.
I walked up to Asriel but
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 0
Error...Error... by ChelseaStarling Error...Error... :iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 11 1
Possessive!Tale Chapter 3 Procrastination
"Hehe..." I was just smiling like giving no cares at all, being depressed inside just made me a target to Chara anyways, I don't even know if I care or not but at this point, being wrapped up in the glowing red strings makes me feel tired or weaker as if, Chara, is draining my magic from my soul, through my back and my torn blue jacket the red strings radiated a purple light around my blue soul.
"So quiet in here, what's the matter, Sans? No wonder why you are so blue all the time... hehe" Chara was mocking me, they placed a little finger to the side of my left eye, down my neck and towards my chest to where it hurts the most. Chara pulled onto my soul hard and tightly, making the red strings wrapping around my soul like it was pulsating every second like an actual heart beating, yet the tug was strong enough to make me shudder in pain and it did hurt a lot.
"Nice one... you charasite..." I tried to laugh that off but instead, I was just feeling more weaker by every second
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 1
Possessive!Tale Chapter 2 Agglutinate
I don't know what is going through my mind now, something is tugging me back to the barrier's door... I don't know if I should follow it but my feelings are not lying or letting it go.
Just by laying down on my bed and through my window I can see Mt. Ebott in a distance, god, why can I just have a good fun day anyways? I thought to myself, yet things on my mind like this just can't be shaken off, now this strange feeling to go back to the underground seems to be an option? Hell no.
Thankfully I have a good amount of energy to blink out of my bed, then blink right in front of the refrigerator and opened the door to find something that can feed my soul and my empty stomach... heh... like I really have a stomach, I'm no hu-
I dropped something from what was inside the refrigerator, it sounded like glass.
The things that Chara and I might have some things in common... but we are alike in the opposite way, Chara is human, and I’m j
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 6 0
Possessive!Tale ...?...
This…Determination…this… red soul… what would the prince say about this?
The prince? What about the King and Queen?
It’s too dangerous… this part of Determination is… dark…no… it has a shadow…
How interesting…
What an amazing... amalgamate...
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 4 1
Possessive!Tale Chapter 1 Blue Soul
Beautiful morning... the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, peaceful day isn't it? Every day used to be the same, every battle is the same and every faces are the same. Is it best to keep everything peaceful or chaotic? Even if its just me... for my name, I'm different, different than any other monster... different than a human... different in many other ways. Heh. Not everything is peaceful for me anyways... all I know is that I am a monster with or without darkness in my soul.
I may have a soul... but this soul I have... isn't like any other monster souls... sure, it may shine bright and lighter, yet there are things out there... that wants to take it away from me... and kill me.
Sans... Sans is my name.
After all the monsters were freed from the underground, things...somehow turned to a darker side for me, something that even I could no longer see. It’s been four years since the monsters were freed… things became darker for me anyways. Everything t
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 6 10
The Silent Cat: The Midnight City Chapter 4
The Silent Cat: The Midnight City
Poisoned Chapter 4
Everything was fine at first... like it ever was, there is no way I was going to control something that doesn't make any sense. Why was that pain digging towards my soul? What is the real reason for that to happen? And how else was I going to stop this monster before killing Oliver?
But the biggest question looms over my mind, why is this happening to me? A question left unsolved.
I woke up on something cold and somewhere dark, I couldn't see anything but I that I am in some sort of vehicle and with a single blink. Everything was bright.
Metal bars were everywhere around me, making me feel like I am finally caged after I almost killed a human being and without any other questions. I was back to feeling more human, without any pain, any hunger and thirst.
The new biggest question is how Oliver and Danielle stopped me... no, how did they stopped this monster I have underneath my skin?
No memories other than seeing a white light fl
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 0
I don't want to kill you...
I love you...
Trying so hard to contain this anger,
I don't want to hurt you...stranger.
There is so much I can't do anymore,
Honestly... I don't want to see gore.
No matter what I can't accept this path of fate,
I have to find another gate.
Away from this madness,
And away from this consuming darkness...
I can't be a monster its not who I am!
Just make this monster rot it hell goddamn!
I want to cry,
I want to try...
I want to love,
Like the angel I am from above.
A monster or not,
Even if I fought.
Chain me up I don't care!
Just remember...beware...
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 3 0


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The Silent Cat: The Midnight City
Shadow Blood Chapter 4

For the first time in forever, I had never felt so much better in a bed like this, after I woke up in the bed, I didn't realize how numb my body felt, the sheets were so warm that is making my skin feel soft and tickled lightly, my eyes didn't want to close anymore like I just had the night I've always wanted, I've felt stronger mentally but in the state of physically it was comfortable and almost made me want to stay in this bed forever.

I felt myself feel weak and stretched but at the same time I yawned, but what I didn't notice in the next couple of seconds, I was hugging a pillow in front of me and below my chin, the last time I saw the pillows there were at least four, which is now scattered around the floor and to my surprise, I felt better from all of the times in the past seven years of rough sleep.

Yet, my sunglasses were off and on one pillowcase, as I was reaching out for it I noticed something different from my eyes reflected... it was yellow again... suddenly I jerked away quickly. It's making me realize that I might not need to see the real me.

But I still need more to search for my aunt; whatever it takes I need to figure this out.

"Charlene?" Danielle surprised me, jumping up on my feet and positioned my arms like a boxer.

The other thing I forgot to mention was that Danielle looked like she was in her late twenties, maybe twenty-six.

"What?" I asked Danielle.

"Breakfast is ready, let me show you around first okay?" Danielle said, she wore stripped purple pajamas with matching jeans, with a white color of the strips, which moves from up and down.

Danielle looked at me like she saw something beautiful, until I noticed that she was looking right at me.

"Is something wrong, Danielle?" I asked her back.

"No, nothing's wrong, just astonishing how you look like from the old newspaper" Danielle answered, great just flipping great... my identity is now revealed to one soul, now I feel more intense than ever, I still don't trust Danielle but she does seem very nice and kind to me. Yet, looks can be deceiving.

The only thing I can do is to keep my guard up, never let anyone stand in my way and be direct at people.

"I'll let you get dressed, meet me at you're front bedroom door" Danielle said, she walked away as a woman walked in and put folded clothes on the bed, she exited my room and shut the door behind her and Danielle.

I just don't know what to believe anymore, even if Danielle is helping me I can't tell if she is telling the truth or not, ever since Oliver tested me I wasn't very happy with him and I just can't tell what is real or not, but at this point, I don't care anymore because its all in the past and doesn't matter.

As I unfolded the clothes the woman left me with, it was a fresh suit actually, a black leather shirt with light sliver rings embedded with a hood, it seemed soft to my touch, then I unfolded the pants it was the same thing with the shirt, soft and stretchy.

As I took off my previous clothes, I hid in a bathroom took a quick shower to wash off the gunk, smell and refreshed my hair and my body.

So after I took a shower I got on a new bra that seems to fit in my size...surprisingly, the bra was stretchy and held my breasts very well yet a color of dark grey. Bra first, underwear next and lastly socks, then pants and the shirt.

During the time as I got dressed, I kept on thinking of what Danielle and Oliver are planning to do with me, so I hoped that I can get away from them and I work on my own, yet, that is also another question left unanswered for me...

How did they know about me coming to Alexander City? I was under the radar, no electronic devices, no satellites... well besides me being on the television I don't know how they found me.  

I noticed some make up kits on the bathroom counter, a color scheme of sparkling silver, blue and black, so I decided to try to get a little fancy and added some mascara.

Then it finally dawned on me...

Blue eyes, long black hair, my height seems to be five foot ten, white skin color, long and perfectly shaped nails... my nails might have been polished and cut when I was asleep, yet I was a little astonished to see myself in the mirror. I placed a hand over my cheek and rubbed it, soft skin, my other hand in my hair, rough and thick yet curled at the ends. 

It was like looking at myself like some sort of stranger, mysteriously... I looked beautiful.

A silly thought occurred, maybe that's why Oliver seemed a bit attached to me.

"You look beautiful, Charlene" Danielle said, she surprised me as I accidentally bumped the mascara and make up in the sink, thankfully the water wasn't on so I got them out of the sink and back on the counter.

"...Thanks..." I said with a confident voice.

"It’s been about forty minutes, is everything okay?" Danielle asked, though I didn't realize how time flew by so quickly, yet I had never seen myself in the mirror for years that I lost track of time at that point.

"Yes" I answered.

"...I'm ready" I quickly added, as soon as Danielle walked out of the way for me, I put on my shoes, then my sunglasses and finally carried my purse with me.

"Built in the year of nineteen thirteen, this place was built to train people physically and mentally, a place also to improve human techniques of skills, it was passed down from my side of the family... until... my family came to a halt in nineteen ninety four. My parents were shot down in the heads with my older brother, he protected me when I couldn't, I was the sole survivor of the Hasthazy family. I changed my name legally to Dimmick for personal reasons, until I got the results from one of my double agents, that I had a long lost brother..." Danielle stopped talking, she starred right in front of the kitchen doors, but yet that action was confirmed to be Oliver Foley...

"My half brother... Oliver Foley, apparently one of my parents had an affair and kept a secret from me and him for years, until Oliver and I found each other in two thousand eleven and even if I thought I was alone... I'll always keep my half brother safe, the way my older brother had protected me..." Danielle said, she walked over to Oliver as he was having cereal for breakfast, she layed her hands on his shoulders, then Oliver placed his hands over her hands showing the brother and sister bond.

"...I'll forever be in Oliver's debt, family matters after all" Danielle finished her sentence.I just hope I can find my brother as well... hopefully after all these years for me.

"I'm glad that I have a sister, also Charlene, I hope you'll find you're brother as well I'm sorry how separate you have been from him" Oliver said.

I sighed as I sat down in a chair far away from both of them; I held my hands tightly and looked down, trying to figure out what to say...

I'm pretty much seeing the connections between Danielle and Oliver... to me and my brother... lost our parents from murder... lost an older brother and lost a older sister...

"..." I couldn't speak, even if I wanted to I was trying to keep control of my actions and my emotions, I had some anger towards the people that killed them. This is somehow getting deep...

"Here, I made some pancakes for you Charlene, enjoy" Danielle said.

I was getting the feelings that I am suppose to trust Danielle and Oliver, it seems to be a reason that they have been carrying deaths from the past on their chest for so long.

That's when I realized the biggest connection.

"The marked ones..." I whispered.

"What?" Danielle and Oliver asked at the same time.

"Think about it, my adoptive family was murdered to make me and my brother the last survivors, my real parents were murdered from what I believe was the same people, and by what you said Danielle... you're parents and older brother where also murdered, leaving behind a little girl and a little boy..." I said, throwing out the connections but it didn't seem to stop there...

I remember the night Angela's parents died...

The Black Widow on the father's face and his son...

"They owed money..." I said softly, Danielle and Oliver also seem to see what I just connected. I mean it makes sense.

"That father and son were hoping to get the money from Angela's parents, they got the money yet they still killed her parents, which is somehow still happening to this very day!" I said, I pounded on the table a few times.

"It would make sense, but who would do all of this?" Oliver asked, he took a bite out of his cereal.

"Killing parents, leaving children behind and taking away their money..." Danielle muttered to herself, she looked like she was having a tough time breathing or by thinking of it makes her sick.

"I have to go back out there" I said, getting out of my chair and leaving the breakfast behind, quickly Oliver and Danielle stood up, Oliver held my shoulder to make me wait.

"You can't" Oliver said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"You don't know where to start, Charlene!" Danielle shouted.

That was when I snapped... 

"Okay, first of all that's why I came back to Alexander City, second, I don't need both of you're help! Third, both of you distracted me and tested me! And lastly, I go by Cat! Than Charlene! Charlene is dead! Get it now? I didn't need you're help in the first place I had it all under control! Got it!?" I shouted towards them, they both took five steps back because I know that kind of thing, my eyes are yellow again.

"I don't care if you are scared of this beast I have inside of me! I don't care if you help me and I don't care if you are trying to protect me! I've been taking care of myself for over seven years and I know what I'm doing! Understand!?" I continued to shout, the anger and pain seemed to have taken control of me again, even if I didn't want to hurt them or kill them... I walked out of the large kitchen and past all of the people that are training, I got to the doors and as soon I opened it, five agents stopped me in my tracks.

"Get. You're. Hands. Off. Me..." I said through gritted teeth, the anger was alarming me giving them a warning before I fight them off.

The agents looked at each other, they also looked like they knew what I was capable of but they also knew I was out numbered. 

"Sorry, Cat... Danielle wants to speak with you" one agent said, grabbing my left arm and another agent grabbed my other arm, quickly I bit on their hands then I quickly kicked their faces away from me, they drew their guns towards me but I kicked their hands all at once in a full circle, I landed back on my feet and went out of the door but when I did...

More than twenty agents held their guns towards me.

"Charlene! Cat! I don't care if it’s either name!" Danielle said, she walked towards me in the same outfit when I met her; the all white clothes she wore, and she stopped her tracks when she was right behind me.

"I understand you don't want any help!" Danielle said, as I turned around her different colored eyes blue and brown still gives me the freakish feelings, but I pushed that aside and I didn't care if I had to fight her too.

"Then give me one good reason before I punch you" I said harshly.

"Oliver and I didn't just test you, we were just trying to prove if you were the missing child from the Darringtons, you're blood matches Charlene Darrington, you have an A plus blood type. It may not be one reason, but we did show you details of what you are looking for, showed you the newspaper of you're family, showed you you're living aunt and showed you generosity and kindness. So much more! But then, I realize that you were just like my older brother... fearless, strong and brave, but ever since his death I was alone for years longer than seven years..." Danielle said, she was just starting to cry and I understand how much she has gone through but that doesn't mean I am her own equal.

"For years I didn't even knew I had a sister, Cat, but then I couldn't remember who was my father or mother, I've lived alone my entire life! Ever since the day I stumbled to Danielle... my half sister... I didn't feel alone anymore... but you don't have to be alone yourself, Cat, we gave you that much information, even if you didn't want our help and now I feel like I can't trust you anymore" Oliver said, giving me some back story from his past.

Then something occurred, Oliver trusted me...he actually trusted me, even after all I've done I never wanted to kill him in that unfinished store, but the beast I have, wanted to kill him and it took a lot of strength I had to pull it back and away from him.

After realizing that I am not human when I first saw those yellow eyes in the bathroom stall, I couldn't let anyone notice a loose monster in the city of New York. 

"Sure... you trusted me, Oliver, but I have a rule that I cannot break... never trust anyone, otherwise they will betray you and kill you, but then its not a just a rule, its a lesson I've learned the first day I was entirely alone. I never trust anyone..." I said, I turned away from Danielle and Oliver and towards the agents.

"If you really trusted me... you wouldn't trust yourself..." I said, walking past the agents and towards the ocean waters, trying to think how am I going to get away from this damn place.

I won't even care if there were any sharks, the beast I have might have its first victim to kill that isn't human.

So... I made a risk of the impossible.

I jumped into the waters waiting for about a minute once all the watery bubbles faded away on the surface of the water.

"Charlene!" Danielle and Oliver shouted at me, they sounded worried about me.

"Get back up here before you drown!" Oliver said, his voice sounded shaky trying to reason with me.

"No! I'm doing things on my own! Stay out of it! All of you!" I shouted back, yet, I know I took a shower earlier at least I will be just fine, after all walking helps a lot of ways for me and I know I have some tricks up my sleeves.

"So immature..." I heard Danielle say thanks to my super hearing.

"Well, I don't blame her, after all she did say some good valid points" Oliver said.

"Well, I won't let her do things on her own forever, even if we don't trust people we still want to help, that's what this is for and why it was built... to help people..." Danielle sounded devastating.


I was halfway towards the shore of New York, even if I was like a mermaid people might ask questions around me for me swimming from the Hasthazy Corporation building.

Somehow I felt something brush past my left leg fast, making me stop my swimming so I inhaled and went under to see what was below me, I opened my eyes and saw a creature with fins, I couldn't tell if it was a shark or a dolphin because of a deep blue shadow covering over it, instead I went back up for some more air and swam faster, then it happened again.

I felt it bite my right leg and tugged me down the water, now that I got the answer of it being a shark; before it dragged me under I inhaled as much air as I can hold in my lungs.

The pain returned deep in my chest, making my blood run fast and hot, somehow I felt my nails grow and somehow slashed the shark on its back, I kicked its snout with my left foot and soon it let go of my bitten leg, the blood swept out of my leg and the shark knew I was its next meal. 

Suddenly my eyes flashed to yellow, longer and sharper nails as I saw it as claws, my teeth was somehow shifting and my mind was somehow being pushed aside.

No...No...NO! I thought my mind was becoming so blinded by this white light that I wasn't happy with, it was once again agonizing my heart and soul being craved to amuse the beast's hunger.

Within my last breathe of air I screamed underwater as the shark opened its mouth directly right at me.

Then the most mysterious thing just happened...

It went by so fast.

As soon the shark was about to bite me with full force, a breezing white bluish color flew by so fast it knocked the shark's upper jaw, but mostly it tore off the upper jaw, it was bleeding everywhere and I mean literally everywhere.

I remembered one full second of that speeding light, I felt stunned and when I was still stunned of what just happened, I started having painful feelings in my lungs and I felt my body rise to the surface.

Honestly, it was more than just stunning me... it felt like electricity and it paralyzed me.

As soon as my body made its way to the surface of the waters I heard a couple of seagulls nearby, but at the same time I couldn't breathe at all and my lungs are in flames to breathe air.

Something splashed at my face, knocking me out of that electrifying shock that I just had, yet it was so mysterious that I couldn't figure out, how it was swishing around in the waters.

I wiped away the splashed water from my eyes and looked at the direction of where it came from, it was a man trying to snap me out of my paralysis and I had to thank him for that. Still, I do not trust anyone even this man right here.

"Hey, beautiful! Are you okay?" the man said, he was floating on a surf board, the sun was bright and I couldn't tell what he looked like but I'm sure, I was close to land.

"I'm...I'm fine" I said as my voice cracked a little.

"Here, let me help you get to shore" the man said as he held out a hand, showing me kindness, but as I explained earlier to Danielle and Oliver, I don't need help at all especially from people trying to gain my trust.  

"No thank you, I'll be just fine" I said, I turned around to see the beach it looked more than two miles away from where I am, so as soon as I tried to swim my right leg was in terrible pain and I can barely swim. I gritted my teeth tightly and painfully.

"You sure about that? That bite on you're leg almost looks swollen" the man said, to be honest he has a point and he's pretty much my ticket to the shorelines of the beach.

I sighed.

"Fine!" I said, but as soon as I looked towards the man he noticed the blood is strangely...blackish. What. The. Hell?

"Uh, I hope that blood was from a shark" the man said.

"I hope so too" I replied.

Wait a second... 

Danielle said that I have A Plus blood type, did she make a mistake or the black blood was from the shark? Now I'm confused.

"Here, hold onto my board, I'll try to swim to shore" the man said, as I did what he told me to do, although I had no other choice because of how badly injured, my leg was from the shark bite and it is throbbing a lot of pain from my wound.

"The name's Eric Kanner by the way!" Eric said, honestly I didn't care about his name all I cared about was getting vengeance against the people that killed my family. Also, I have to keep on covering up my real name and my other name, since I don't trust Eric; I have to lie once again.

"Debora Shields!" I lied, its another thing that I have learned when I was younger, once someone hears a name and it goes around, bad people will find me, fight me or kill me. So no matter what, I have to keep my name a secret...

"Lovely name!" Eric said, as soon he and I got closer to the shore I was somehow feeling very relived, I inhale the air the sun was basking on my suit that Danielle gave me.

Finally Eric and I reached closer to the shallow parts of the beach, just as soon as I started to get out of the water, I couldn't feel my right foot at all and it was possibly from the shark bite.

I gritted my teeth than screaming, I fell down on my butt and looked at my right foot even if I tried to move the muscles or the skeletal section, literally, I couldn't feel anything plus it even made the throbbing pain increase.

"Debora, just relax and trust me, even if we just met I'll get you to the hospital" Eric said, he looks like it was trying to figure out what to do with a wounded woman.

"No! No hospital!" I freaked out when Eric said that, the hospital will obviously try to help me with this kind of wound, but it will make everything about me to the public.

"Debora please, I can't just leave you to die in the streets like this" Eric said also saying another good point, I can't even fight with a numb foot it would just make me look weak and embarrassed.

"..." I stayed quiet even if I was trying to figure out other alternatives to my situation, honestly I had none.

"Yeah, I'll take that as a good reasonable explanation" Eric said, he lifted me up with his arms as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Are you sure about this, Eric?" I asked him.

"Positive" Eric answered.


The Silent Cat: The Midnight City Chapter 5
Without a family is without love, without love... everything means nothing.

Cat travels to her home in Alexander City, New York, only to find who stole her life away.

Cat learns the truth in cold and killer ways, meaning that is more than human and more than nothing.

Destiny is powerful.

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