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Tenderheart Bear

By chelseakenna
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When I was a kid, I absolutely loved Carebears. I loved the shows, I loved the books, I loved the toys. Whenever I didn't feel well, my mom would put one of the shows or movies on for me. It was probably my biggest cultural obsession of the 80s/early 90s.

I was recently looking at my old Carebears toy collection and thought it might be fun to try my hand at drawing some of them. I'd like to at least do all of the original bears...we'll see how many I can get through!
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The Care Bears were one of my favorite '80s characters as well.  My personal favorite of them was Love-a-Lot.
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I found my care bear toys today and decided to look up some art. Almost everything I found was evil or violent. This is exactly what I wanted to find. Tenderheart was my favorite. This has literally brought tears to my eyes
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Aw I'm so glad I was able to provoke such a reaction! I know what you mean too. I've seen some weird, uncomfortable care bear fan art on here. I'm glad to contribute to the pleasant, classic, nostalgic kind. 😊 I'd love to do more at some point if I have time soon too!
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This is  a very cute rendition of Tender Heart Bear, very nice! <3
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Aww. Tenderheart wasn't really my favorite but Cheer Bear was my favorite.
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Oh, I loved Tenderheart. He was always my favourite <3
luis831's avatar
my favourite care bear
Aileea's avatar
Oh, I loved this as a Little kid too. :)
101boy's avatar
cute^^ I remember having a stitch and stuff version of Bedtime Bear when I was a its as I say "scattered to the four winds"^^ great job :-)
Kilo60's avatar
It's fabulous! I'm glad i'm not the only one who still loves them. :clap: 
rjeffersongc's avatar
so cute I'm gonna die!
JuliaFliess's avatar
I was obsessed with them too!
Haggis53's avatar
You have done it. You have successfully made a Carebear adorable to me.
chelseakenna's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
Haggis53's avatar
You is very welcome Legendary One! ^^
SwanLullaby's avatar
I also love Carebears, even I have got some plushies :)
Great job!
secoh2000's avatar
You did a wonderful job capturing this icon character/style. Brings back a lot of fond memories! :)
DreamCrystalArt's avatar
I loved the old Carebears! Not so much in love with the new show though x.x
chelseakenna's avatar
I saw a bit of it once and wasn't too impressed either. Probably just because I love the old show so much.
DreamCrystalArt's avatar
yeah all I saw was a bit of it.. I miss the old show :(
Curiosajess's avatar
I used to be obsessed with them too. I remember the cousins were my favourites. Especially the elephant.
chelseakenna's avatar
Yeah I really liked Swiftheart Rabbit and the raccoon. I'd like to include the cousins in this project as well. :)
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