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Kion and the Girls

Finally finished this piece! Kion's trying to charm the girls but Zuri is not impressed.

If you're a $5+ subscriber to my Patreon you can download the PSD file here:
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Figured you could report this or ask for credit whichever you'd prefer better.
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hmm, interesting I like it though...
I always looked at this picture as Kion coming up and asking if he can talk to Tiifu and Zuri is annoyed that he does not want her there whilst they talked and Tiifu is happy that Kion came to talk to her.

Anyways thanks for the great picture 
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Admit it, Zuri: You're into him. ;)
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Ha !This is just too cute and funny !!!!
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Well, they are girl lions. :D
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this is really cute. buuuut ya forgot kions sweet tattoo
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I didn't "forget" so much as, didn't feel like adding it so let's pretend this is pre-Lion Guard.
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ooooo can i also pretend they're wearing Victorian era hats? :meow:
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Only if I can also pretend they're all wearing monocles!
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and don't forget the teeeeeea!!!
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A month old cub and hitting on the ladies all ready
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This is too cute!
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Looks like Tiifu has a crush! 
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I love Zuri in this XD great job
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THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTEChibi Fluttershy Icon Adventure Withered Freddy 'Oh God!' Chat Icon 
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Haha aw that is so cute!
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Great pic,I love those new lion cubs:hug:
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