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By chelseakenna
This is a piece I've had laying around half-finished for...probably at least a year. Figured I'd finally wrap it up!

This is the first time I've really painted anything in months. Been doing mostly flash art lately, so it was interesting jumping back into this after so long!
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Wonderful! I love the little fox and the lighting. 
Frost-Crust's avatar
Beautiful, i like the glowflies. ^^
loonstar28's avatar
great work i love it
caakes's avatar
So cute! good work!
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This actually reminds me of the old Robin Hood movie. That and Owl City's song of the same title.

Love the expression, and the background is very nicely detailed. The lighting effect is also nicely done.
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Ah yes, I definitely see the influence there! I love that movie and the style of the characters.

And yup, I was listening to that song when I did this piece. :)
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Awwww! Its so beautiful and majestic and cuuuuute! :D:D:D
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I love the lighting and sublelty of the colors, and the moonish glow of the pond. Very nice.
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Aw, this reminds me somewhat of Peterpan/Lady and the Tramp 2, and Robin Hood. But all combined! c: The lighting and shading is really really good.. Gah, I love everything about it. :D Amazing job, thanks for posting all your wonderful art!
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Wow. That's cute.
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What a cute little fox :)
Your style is amazing, also in the background!
huskybabe13's avatar
wow this is so pretty
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if you now tell me that its NOT associated with owl city im lucky :)
chelseakenna's avatar
I'm afraid to say that was in fact the song I was listening to that inspired this piece.
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well nevermind :P
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That Fox reminds me of a Disney movie character, doesn't he?
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Cute little character :)

It remind me of a disney movie.
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This is amazing, I love the rocks and water. The fox is also adorable. :faves:
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