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Dog Affection vs Cat Affection

I thought Beepo looked like she needed some cuddles today.

I was mistaken.

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Larscatson's avatar
your animal drawing is always awesome cute and accurate+fav 
SilkenGalaxy's avatar
Truth of life....
Kitty16022015's avatar
KKKKKKKK, CUTE CAT!!! Not is true, but this art is very funny! Cats have personality!! 
ivethwolf's avatar
not true my cat loves to be holder
ThomClyma's avatar
My sister has both, and yea...this perfect represents! 
Nardraug's avatar
My cat would only let me pick her up. I could cradle her upside down on my arm and she'd stretch out and purr.

My cat was weird.
AkaPanuka's avatar
My cat is almost the opposite actually LOL
Don't snuggle with him and you get claws in the face
lethe-gray's avatar
Most cats just don't like being snuggled. Some do, some *realllly* do. Most of mine never did, even the two I've got now are kind of "well, you're strong enough to pick me up, I suppose I'll chill out here for a while" (they're 25 and 30 lbs) but they don't care much for when the housemate plops on the floor and gets in their airspace. :)

And yes, "babycakes" is *completely inappropriate*, and *no* women do NOT "like being called things". Jeez. *ew*.
chelseakenna's avatar
Heh yeah my other cat (Gato) is like that. He's indifferent to being picked up most of the time, and suuuper affectionate and all over you when he's hungry.

And ugh, sorry about the troll. He's been blocked now. 
Racoonacorn14's avatar
Is "Gato" the name of your other cat??? Because then you named your cat "Cat" :3
And the dog is sooo cute :D (Big Grin) 
chelseakenna's avatar
Yup! Well, sort of. I actually named the cats Apollo and Athena, but my husband gave them these silly nicknames (Gato and Beepo) and those ended up sticking. We never use their "real" names anymore.
Racoonacorn14's avatar
Those are all very cute names! Meow :3 
0okamiseishin's avatar
Aww that's cute and true for a lot of cats lol. I'm lucky both my dog and cat love being cuddled xD

Also wtf with the babycakes thing?
chelseakenna's avatar
Yeah my other cat actually doesn't mind being cuddled. ;)

And noo idea. So weird. lol
0okamiseishin's avatar
Yeah and kinda creepy lol
deviantART-official's avatar
nice drawing babycakes
chelseakenna's avatar
Not entirely sure why you keep pretending to flirt with me but it's getting a little weird.
deviantART-official's avatar
not flirtin' just callin' ya babycakes
chelseakenna's avatar
Why do you think that's an appropriate thing to call a random (married) woman on the internet?
deviantART-official's avatar
idk never really thought about it tbh
Penny-Dragon's avatar
'Babycakes' is one of those extremely creepy pet names that should never be used, by anyone, ever. Internet, real life, if you know the person or not. 

It's so... insidious. Serial killer creepy.

(as you can tell I really don't like it >>)
banamaru's avatar
Omg. ;v;'
I came across another creeper when I was checking a girl's selfie earlier today. It seemed like she was totally oblivious to him flirting over and over. xD so I was like: :iconreactionzoomplz: creeper
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