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Do you mind if I use this drawing?
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Can you be more specific? How did you want to use it?
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This is so adorable! Great drawing!
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I want this tattooed on my body. Right. Now. Please.
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Oh my gosh! This is so cute!!!
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Yes, a super happy corgi! Nice job. :)
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I fricking love corgis so much!
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very nice

we hope to get a corgi soon 
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This is adorable!
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That is one happy corgi. :P
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I love his espression :) Lovely stylization!
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Jesus fucking Christ, its amazing.
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I love the how expressive this is!  Great job!
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How did you color this?
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Using Adobe Photoshop CS5
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What was the process like?
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Basically I do the sketch first, then on a separate layer above that, I ink it, and then on a layer below the inks layer, I fill in all the flat colors (usually with a mix of freehand painting and selecting areas with the magic wand tool). I add any color details (like the separate muzzle/neck color) on this layer too.

After that I duplicate the color layer, lock the transparency, fill the duplicated layer with white, and set it to multiply. I paint in shadows on this layer. Then I do subtle light tones above this using a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, and add sharper highlights on another layer (usually set to dodge or screen). Then at the end, I add in a texture overlay on top of everything, and sometimes I'll do some gradients or fills with an overlay layer to tweak the colors.
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wow, I'm grateful for your reply. Now after the sketch what medium are u using to fill in the colors?
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It's all Photoshop. I mostly use the paintbrush tool with various brushes.
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