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Published: July 23, 2012
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Happy Birthday My dear :iconbibi-chan:


:iconcutiewingclip01plz: :iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconcupcakedivider1plz::iconcupcakedivider2plz::iconcupcakedivider3plz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz: :iconcutiewingclip02plz:

Yes, yes, the Steampunk Picture I was talking about a while ago, was your Birthdaygift and I´m ashamed to admit, I´m not good at keeping nice surprices secret TT///^///TT
Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of beautiful gifts, cake and a wonderful time with your precious ones :huggle: I wish you all the best and hove you like your picture :heart:

... and yaaay, you got a pokémon egg from Chelseas Grandpa, Grandpa Raphael *w*

:iconcutiewingclip01plz: :iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconcupcakedivider1plz::iconcupcakedivider2plz::iconcupcakedivider3plz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz::iconpinkbunnydividerplz: :iconcutiewingclip02plz:

Wooh, this one took me quite a while, because my concentration span is just like the concentration span of a puppy right now... although I actually had more than enough patience this time, what a shocking surprice for myself *terribly impatient forever* =w=

It´s sooo funny that my Artist Comment is terribly pink together with all the Metal and chocolate tones of the picture ÖwÖ (I swear, I haven´t found any pretty steampunk emotes ö__ö")

Good Night everyone <3

Binka Ishida belongs only to herself *bibi-chan
Leopard Texture belongs to ~LaTaupinette [link]
Steampunk Flowers Texture belongs to ~BelovedStock [link]
Aged Vintage Patter Texture belongs to =Snowys-stock [link]
Rusty Fabric Texture 3 belongs to `FantasyStock [link]
all other textures were found at pixiv and belong to their respectiv owners!!!
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Looks quite nice!
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It looks awesome! the character design is so well done and the use of colour oh i really love this and how you draw its fabulous! :D :heart:
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Tajii-chan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She must have loved this! ..On second thought after seeing the comment above me, I know she loved it! :love:

Not only is the character adorable, but the scene itself is so sweet! I love the little robot balancing the different gifts on his hands-- and the details there are exquisite! I love the textured wrapping and the detailed ribbon sashes. Then there's the robot himself.. he's just adorable :heart: I also like that little hanging gift on the top as well! :D
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Waaaaaaaaaaaaw, this is incredible...:heart: as I told you I never expected your Steampunk drawing will be for me ;////;

Thank you so much miss <3<3<3<3 even your comment is so lovely !! I love all the pink ;w; so so so sweet, makes me want to eat...chamallows !! Now ! XD
I wish I could understand the comment someone left about the "critique", it seems to be very constructive ^^ anywaaaayyyy !! OwO

I just can't get my eyes off all these little details...they're everywhere !!
You know my tastes very well it's amazing... With the clothes, with my robot Alois !! Olééééé >///< so so cute oh my god XD I love all the little hearts, even in his eyes hihih ~
You even chose the right paper textures on gifts boxes...Leopard !!! Yayyy *w* bunnies !! Pirates, and all !! <3<3<3 I have tights with exactly the same colors and motifs as the little hearts under the leopard gift box, you see ? I can't remember the word for this heart motif but I swear my thights are exactly the same >//////< !! I can read "Darjeeling" isn't it ? My favourite kind of tea... You're incredible Chelsea, it's... wow, like you know me as a close friend ;///; I am very touched, you know... T^T :huggle::heart: I'm sure that's what I am drinking ;w;
I really wonder what is this Pokémon egg from Grandpa Raph OwO Maybe a.... Riolu ?? Eevee ? Meowth ? Ahahah X3 the idea of the ribbon and glass is so creative... ALL the drawing is very creative, and I love it *w* you always come up with wonderful ideas

Nyuuuu this costume ;////; you didn't forget my cross, ooooh and aviator glasses !! I love them -w- *remember the ones on Raichu <3<3<3<3* I love the look they give ! All the laces, I love laces ;w; you were very patient, even for drawing little clocks like that... wow ; O ; it's like a true princess outfit ! Coming from another time ! I look so proud ;////; (and Alois so in love XDD)
I don't know if I ever tell this, but I looove to wear brown colors so much, so you picked them right... with golden trims, perfect matching = :heart:
I want to make a cosplay with your outfit soooooo much noooow T////T
I want these booooottts toooo !! So adorable, with little buttons ! I can imagine a lovely logo on them *o* and the thigh, so sweet with this kind of "belts" >////< I love everything, I could talk about it for hours >w<

Thank you thank you, danke :heart: It illuminates my birthday, it was a perfect gift I feel so lucky ;///;" you are amazing my dear :damphyr::heart:
Much much love <3<3<3<3
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