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Sprig Sprouts - Radical Racer

Meet Sprig Sprouts: a small and sweet gal from humble beginnings. Don’t be fooled by her stature—she’s tough as nails. Sprig grew up in a family of turnip farmers, discovering early on in life a fierce passion for Canyon Racing. Attending races with her older brothers, Sprig vehemently followed her idol racers from the sidelines.

Going against her family’s wishes, Sprig left the farm life to pursue mechanical engineering. By the end of her first year in school she had designed a functional automobile, although it lacked long distance stamina and speed—resulting in failures at entry races. It simply couldn’t go the distance.

Sprig didn’t let defeat bog her down. Instead, she returned to her roots as a farmer and discovered that the perfect vehicle design was right in front of her all along: a turnip. The shape of the taproot on the front of a turnip would allow for a low drag coefficient, allowing the vehicle to glide through the air with little turbulence. In addition, like all tubers, turnips are a great source of energy. She discovered that the juices from overripe turnips are a better fuel source than other standard racing fuels used by most racers. Thus is born the Turbo Tuber 100—a trusty turbo-turbulent turnip that tramples its foes triumphantly!

As the race around the globe approaches, Sprig finishes her custom-designed turnip racer. She never leaves for a race without her hairy hog’s foot (she always keeps it on her key ring). Hairy hogs are speedy creatures with high levels of endurance and are said to bring good luck. Sprig also brings her special exploding turnips which she uses to splatter the windshields of her opponents. Fueled by the juices of rotting turnips, the Turbo Tuber 100 is a massive success, reaching explosive speeds and flying past the finish line!  Sprig is ready to prove she has what it takes to be a Radical Racer! 
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Congratulations on your win! I'll be emailing you soon. Message me the best way to get ahold of you if it's not the email on your DA account!

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Hi, Thank you so much! The email attached to my account should be the correct email.

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you won, You Won, YOU WON! Congratulations!! This is a super cute entry, happy for you.