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Hallow's Eve 2020 - CLOSED

Hallow's Eve Event 2020 It is that time of the year, the time that was once known as All Hallows' Eve. It is around this day that magic is at its most powerful. Those with the gift will start showing signs of new abilities and magic spirits will be creating trouble for those around them. Odd phenomenon tend to happen most often leading up to this day. Many people in Moren Ezen are on edge and stay close to their villages. Though, there are a few who are tempted to find these mischievous spirits or explore the faint abilities they are starting to gain. Submission Threads Gallery Folder


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Boundaries + Biomes

••• Esk are forever tied to the place where they were transformed. They are like ghosts who haunt the place where they lost their past lives, it is a part of their being. The place where they were transformed is their Boundary and the energy within this home environment is the source of their power. Boundaries lie within Biomes, which are the greater categories of environments like Forest or Fresh Waters. Please read the boundaries and biomes lore! Boundaries Boundaries are localities within an environment, and can be anything as long as it could exist on Earth. They can be as large like a stretch of woodlands or an expa

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Points System

••• ThoseWhoWentMissing ( has a dual-scoring system. Players earn points for submitting to the group and characters earn points for being portrayed in those submissions. This guide was updated January 13th, 2019. Aura Points (AP) are given to playersYou will receive AP every time you contribute artwork or writing to the group regardless of whether you own an esk or not. AP is your reward for expanding the esk lore and collaborating on the game's world-building. Earn Aura Points to unlock features in the game and earn MYO slots! Growth Points (GP) are given to charactersEsk characters receive GP every time they are depicted

Point Systems

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Equine Grey Progression Guide

Writing & examples by MistyofSunrise ( free lineart by BH-Stables ( Since grey is one of those tricky genes (especially since your favorite equine seems to be constantly changing in appearance ;)) I thought I would throw together a little guide based on my own research and observation. Hopefully this will be helpful as you design and/or age your equines! :D  Grey is a dominant gene, so every horse that carries even one grey (G) gene WILL grey - no exception. There is no evidence to prove that there is any difference between homozygous (GG) and heterozygous (nG) in how they grey and how fast the process goes. Family line seems to have mo


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Pixel commissions! [CLOSED]

my pixel commissions are CLOSED for now - if you'd like to be pinged when I open them again, go here! for my normal digital painting commissions post, go here! TERMS OF SERVICE: read before you order! NOTE: my comfort zone is with creatures, but I will happily accept anthro and human characters as well! I accept points in some cases depending on the nature of your order - please ask ahead of time if it will be possible for yours! please note that all prices listed are estimates and are subject to change depending on the complexity of the character! you can find more examples in my pixels gallery folder! very simple animations (bouncing, hovering, blinking) are free of charge! animations that require several frames (tail wagging, head tilting, tears) come with an extra fee with price varying depending on the type of animation you're looking for. I'm not comfortable accepting commissions for complex animations (running, jumping etc) at this time! I will default to no border


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Ecology Report 005 - Winners announced!

✇ Ecology Report 005 ✇ "An unexpected return" Would you look at that! I am sure many of you veteran raiders will remember the first time we sent you out to gather information on some rather unusual occurrences. Seems like this time they are back. Seize the moment! This is the perfect chance to gather more information on the illusive equines that accompany those occurrences. You'll never know what you'll find! :new: Again you have helped us out immensely in our investigations. It seems some of you even brought back something really special! If you are lucky enough to bond with them you might get a new partner for all kind of adve

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Mars A-Tags!

OH BOY, TAGGING SEASON IS BACK ON :dummy: I've been tagged by mapal ( (for Kaisa), KimEnLie ( (for Con), Mendokusee ( aaaand Saoradh ( :giggle: ....onechaoticbard ( wanted me to make PHUONG,  so let's get phungky (also Che, consider this a tag-back. I FORGOT YOU EARLIER, there is no escape <33 ) Aliyska ( proceeded to tag AZARIA, so here we go again :'D :new: Saoradh ( specified her tag for ANDY. Andy shall be done ~ LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. KAISA BASICS:  1. Full Name  - Kaisa Emilia Komarova  2. Age  - 23 years  3. Birthday  - April 9th  4. Birth place  - Malmö, Sweden  5. Current Resi


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