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Prodigy Love - Chapter 17
Once he was sure that Anya was in a deep sleep, Pavel quietly got up from her bed and draped a warm blanket over her. He then left a note next to her journal on the bedside table, explaining where he was, what to do until he returned, and, of course, that he loved her and would be there for her, no matter what.
After he finished the note, Pavel lightly kissed Anya's forehead, then quietly left her quarters. As he walked down the corridors and entered the turbolift, Pavel couldn't help but smile as thoughts of Anya entered his mind. The emotions he felt from the experience of their first kiss, their speaking of their love for each other in their native tongue--everything was wonderful.
The second the doors to the bridge swished open, Pavel walked over to his console and took his seat. He tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but it was nearly impossible to do, what with the memories of the moment he had shared with Anya still in his thoughts.
Hikaru noticed that his friend was distr
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Kida Atlantis #3 by Complete-Balderdash Kida Atlantis #3 :iconcomplete-balderdash:Complete-Balderdash 1 5 Pavel by halo91 Pavel :iconhalo91:halo91 2 10 Pavel and Anya Kiss by capta77 Pavel and Anya Kiss :iconcapta77:capta77 17 50 Chekov by teh-jinxie-girlie by Poison-Sugar Chekov by teh-jinxie-girlie :iconpoison-sugar:Poison-Sugar 4 4 NuChekov and Anya by drawer-of-things12 NuChekov and Anya :icondrawer-of-things12:drawer-of-things12 2 13 ST TOS-Chekov Beautiful Thing by schematization ST TOS-Chekov Beautiful Thing :iconschematization:schematization 38 0 Disguise - Sulu and Chekov by ayumi-lemura Disguise - Sulu and Chekov :iconayumi-lemura:ayumi-lemura 270 112 Portrait Time - Chekov by Sweet-Nectarine Portrait Time - Chekov :iconsweet-nectarine:Sweet-Nectarine 68 5
Prodigy Love - Chapter 12
For Anya, her first month on the Enterprise was, in the words of her close friend Saavik, "fascinating." During that month, many things had happened.
As the A&A (Anthropology and Archaeology) Officer, Anya's task was to observe and analyze every new civilization that the crew encountered and compile detailed reports of these societies. So far, all of the races that Anya met were friendly, peaceful civilizations who were more than happy to share the inner workings of their lives with her.
The reports that Anya submitted were extremely well done. In addition to the written information that she provided, Anya would also include photographs that she had taken with her PADD and sketches that she had drawn in her own hand. Compiling these reports was a breeze for Anya because she had been doing similar projects since childhood. As a girl, Anya would spend hours on the computer in her father's study jotting down information and doodling in notebooks. Later on, these notebooks caught her fathe
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 11
Once the Enterprise left Starbase 1, Kirk and Spock took Anya to the briefing room, where she was quizzed about how much she had learned back at Starfleet Academy. As in the past two years with the majority of men at the Academy, Anya received a lot of shocked looks from Kirk. Sometimes she would go into details that were so vague that Kirk had to interrupt by saying, "Not the whole textbook, Ensign."
When she was dismissed from the briefing room, Anya went to her quarters and got herself settled in. As she unpacked her luggage, Anya found herself thinking of Pavel, constantly replaying the moment when he brought her comfort in her time of grief: how he held her close to him; how his eyes glowed in such a way that her troubles vanished; and especially how he sincerely said that he would be there for her, regardless of her origins.
"Look over there."
"With Lieutenant Saavik
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 10
Anya stomped down the corridors of the upper decks of the Enterprise, resentment boiling inside of her. When she reached the entrance to her quarters, Anya angrily typed in the access code; the door slid open and Anya stepped in. Once the door slid behind her, Anya leaned against the door.
'How could jou be so STUPID??' Anya thought. 'Pavel doesn't understand ANYZHING about vhat jou go zhrough; eenstead, jou are only anozzer prize to be von!!'
Anya's eyes fell on the ring on her finger. Anya's initials loomed up at her, telling her that no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape people's judgements. Enraged, Anya took off the ring and threw it onto her bed. Just as the ring hit the pillow, Anya heard a knock on the door.
"Anastazia?" a voice timidly asked.
"GO AVAY!!" Anya yelled.
"Anastazia, vhat ees eet?"
Furious, Anya opened the door, startling Pavel.
"Jou know quvite vell vhat EET ees!" Anya retorted, her eyes flashing with rage.
Startled at her anger, Pavel stepped back.
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 9
Anya followed Saavik and Pavel out of the shuttlebay and into the deck where engineering was located.
"HAE!!" a heavy Scottish accent yelled from behind a corridor. "We've been through this before; ye can have one and ye're finished!"
"Mr. Scott?" Saavik inquired. "Mr. Scott?"
"In a minute, Lieutenant," the Scottish accent said. "I'm just having a discussion with--GET DOWN FROM THERE!!!!"
A few minutes later, a burly male engineer with brown hair and blue eyes walked out from behind a few pipes.
"Sorry about that, Lieutenant; Ensign," the man said to Saavik and Pavel. Then, noticing Anya, the man asked, "And who's this that ye've brought with ye?"
"This, Mr. Scott," Saavik said, gesturing to her friend, "is Ensign Anastasia Nikolayevna Turetsky. Ensign Turetsky, meet Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott."
"A TURETSKY!" Montgomery exclaimed. "Ye wouldn't be related to Captain Turetsky of the Kepler, would ye lass?"
"I am, Mr. Scott," Anya replied, shaking Montgomery's hand. "He ees my fazzer
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 8
Anya stood rooted to the top of the steps as a young male ensign wearing a Starfleet uniform similar to the one her father wore walked quickly up the stairs. As he got closer, Anya recognized him more and more: that same boyish face, that same curly brown hair, and especially those same clear blue eyes. Anya felt her insides twisting into knots and her mouth dried up more quickly than before.
'Vhat ees zhe matter vith jou, Anya?' she thought. 'Jou'we seen him before; get a grip on jourself! Eet's okay; eet's okay;...'
"Anastasia? May I speak to you alone?" Saavik asked, interrupting Anya's thoughts.
Unable to speak, Anya nodded before following Saavik to the side of the main campus building.
"Anastasia, do you, by any chance, know Mr. Chekov?"
Anya nodded, her cheeks getting hot with embarrassment.
"A little, Saawik. Vhy do jou vant to know?"
"Because, Anastasia, if my assumptions are correct, it appears that you are... infatuated with him."
"VHAT?? Saawik, no,...eet's...zhat's...oh, v
:iconcapta77:capta77 4 97
Prodigy Love - Chapter 7
On her way to the main building, Anya had confidence radiating from every inch of her being. As she walked, Anya heard whispers from the male cadets that she passed.
"Hey, check out the hot new science officer..."
"Whoa, look at her!"
"Who is she?"
"Where is she from?"
"What crew is she in?"
"...have you heard of her before?"
"...never heard of her; heck, I've never even SEEN her."
Anya kept walking towards the main building, the whispers growing in number. After a while, a few of the male cadets worked up their guts to ask Anya her name. Anya responded by turning around and smiling before saying, "I'm Anastazia Nikolayevna Turetsky."
Upon hearing the name "Turetsky," the whispers began spreading like wildfire.
"No way! She's a prodigy..."
"...Russian whiz kid..."
"...latest in a BLOODLINE of Starfleet officers..."
"...her dad's the captain of the Kepler..."
"...a CAPTAIN'S daughter!"
"...checked out her profile; she's on the Enterprise..."
"...lucky to be in the Enterprise crew..."
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i was messing up with the settings, anybody now can join, add arts and add faves... bleh so sorry!
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A group for the art and fans of Pavel Chekov any universe, any age, any rank. In my opinion this adorable cheeky Russian doesnt get enough attention and i KNOW there are a good amount of Chekov Fans out there so join, submitt, chat.

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