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Starbucks Address Book xD

Starbucks Address Book Icon

Feeding my addiction and yours :w00t:

For the binder of the book in the textured version I created a Denim (jeans) pattern, I liked how that part came out, I also included icons without the pattern. Also 2 different style of tabs. 4 different icons included in this pack. Hope you like what you see.


There was an issue with the icontainer so I edited and added a new icontainer, hope there's no problem with this one, just let me know please. :)

Feedback is appreciated.

Please comment and/or fav if you like or use this.
Please refer anyone to this link to download :D

Questions? Comments?

Shouts to my friends for all the support & luv. :salute:

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Love love love it!
How do i download it? Sorry, new here..
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over on the right, download file...
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Very cool! Thanks :D
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I like the style! :thumbsup:
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how do you use this?
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You can use Candybar to customize your icons, this contains icontainer, icns & png formats. Or just google, how to change icons on whatever OS you have.
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Buenissssssssssssiiiiimmmooooooooo!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!
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Wow! Great! I Love it! :)
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How do you make these things?
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I used photoshop. You can google a lot of photoshop icon and wall paper tutorials and such. Hope this helps.
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will be featured @
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Thanks, much appreciated :) I don't think the link is working though.. when I mouse over it, nothing.
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Not really a fan of Starbucks, mainly because there's only one of them in Denmark, but I'm a fan of this cool icon :) Good work!
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nice work :)
featured on [link]
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