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Phantom Girl Fanart



Another Legion fanart portrait, this time of Phantom Girl. I took the opportunity to ink digitally for the first time using my Wacom and Illustrator. It worked out very well, except for the fine details of the hand which I had to do really roughly lest Illustrator smooth it all out. Coloring was in Pixelmator as I had done with Saturn Girl.

I went with a best-of costume though most of the features are shared by the cartoon Phantom Girl. I especially like the uniquely small pupils and general palor. It really makes her look alien instead of like a 50's teenybopper. I added a hood, which I think is a natural for the character. I also made the logo simpler, just two eyes on the ray-shaped shoulder thingy.

Edit: Well shoot. Guess what? Phantom Girl can't turn invisible! She goes through things, like Kitty Pryde. I'm going to have to rework this picture. I'm so embarrassed!

Edit 2: Ok, I made it look like she is coming out of something solid. Whew I'm not stupid anymore!
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