Human Wisdom II

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Reflections by larafairie:thumb105481431: The philosopher by PeligroInevitable

The bigger's my wisdom, the more terrifying is my stupidity.

:thumb32403649: Brother by DR1983 now that i know. by indiae beard by Pipertakespictures If I Was A Cat by countryboy7
What we believe in by Nullermanden enjoy the silence by nnoik The elf by shadowscape
:thumb22909799: Explosion by HannahCombs Josh Brennan of FAC by MissAminaMunster guy with beard by eve-is-me Ensoph 13 by DraconianHell
David and Beard by jenniebee Josh Brennan of FAC 2 by MissAminaMunster Pulling His Beard by MsRaggaMuffin
Catch the wind by Daywish:thumb109668609: Grounded. Solid. by siamesesam
No Tomorrow by ElifKarakoc:thumb136076049: Deep in Meditation by poraschaudhary
The street, his choice by rain1man yureginin goturdugu yere by uniquealim:thumb48930010:
philosophers walk by optic-echo mike by niebezpiecznygroszek Newborn by cosfrog I. by Valdoo
Resolve by Kaeldra-1 sleepless. by musicandphotography:thumb111499050: Heartache by Kaeldra-1
DREAMS 7 by w34a:thumb132843374: A. by negruta

An awareness of passing.

Our senility by pojebuny 054 by tiki1 The story of a hundred years by ennil 030 by tiki1
as Rembrandt said... by FotoManiaChka Maria, 1 by vuda:thumb107450979:
05 by Shibumis MAMASITA by Valentin2007 Autumn of life by Katosu
:thumb96086256: .one. by MichalGiedrojc
Nenek Keriput II by apipro grand mother by Mcdbrd Without You by emrerende

Beard by digitalreporter bow by emohoc The Door ll by serhatdemiroglu The Window by serhatdemiroglu
Crimson by emrerende:thumb85804801: Sanyasi by emrerende sri sri.. by ivyblue
:thumb106747429: Insight... by Ikabe C by bocokok
A Bakarwal Man II by poraschaudhary Silent Storyteller by nightspark7 Glance penetrated with passion by chanaka-maciej
People Vol. 32 by ertek Priest and Bishop by multix People Vol. 37 by ertek Anonymity by DisquietingMuse Lucky 02 by cyKoe

068 by tiki1 123 by tiki1 003 by tiki1
and say hi to Tom by canphoto The Stories I Could Tell You by tuborg The chief of clan McBran by shadowscape
:thumb92567850: mi amigo don chabelo by elgallosicodelico here and now by rhipster Mr Big Beard by kofity Rabbi,,,,,, by YuriBonder
White beard by unplanedlayer possum and pal by agent-86 man at a crescent by agent-86
The captain by shadowscape theviolinist by akamisterlewbowski poet by agent-86
:thumb20640996: Street Portraits 05 by cahilus The Old Man by eirescu
Whistler by An-Innocent-Mind When time goes by... by skize mont by rhapsouldize
Men of all characters by MessiahKhan Beard Man by Ustedalen:thumb86758936::thumb71944220:
Mr. White Beard by frozenminds at the Flea Market by RoieG I've seen it all by dogeatdog5
:thumb62090422: Smoke Screen by Ryser915 Eyebrow move 1 by Papou
Sadhu by poraschaudhary A Beard That Says It All by zoharb:thumb93498297:
homeless Santa 2 by tazis 2Wheeler by RedTown Zeus by serhatbayram Toto 070804, Leland Sklar by spock84
Mr by szmyca:thumb109269570: Tired Soul by wednesdaylove
Male close up - chair series by lipstickkisses The Wise Man by matheattila:thumb86693922:
modern day fagin by furryfoto-fotography Mirror Image by tarotreader3 Mr. Swanson - Reprocessed by ChimpyJay:thumb51074445: Picturesk - A Story to Tell by Foxfires
:thumb77346977: Summer in April II by Ouylle:thumb41746791:
:thumb26632509: Human Face by anderton Huseyin Avni Dede by Dredged My old man by MessiahKhan The man Who shot the devil II by crazydiomond
mountain beard by starfield-road fili bianchi by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR:thumb56668899:
Chips by FuriousEnnui The theologist, Ozolin by Badulescu:thumb79621674::thumb57557479: My Father by DelaneyLaFae
Face by madde From the side by Forgotten-Myth A Special Man by JudiLiosatos
When you're a Taxi Driver... by DeviousClown:thumb112099154: my buddy Joe by VaggelisFragiadakis
W. J. Solha by ACSolha:thumb6894482: I H8 the winter... by carlzon 2006-10-11 by TheDeviatoor
204 by feryal To Jiang Yu by carlzon:thumb111781316:
:thumb140100147: John Malkovich by mehmeturgut People Vol.7 by ertek
:thumb116306110: the man in Ile Saint-Louis by VaggelisFragiadakis:thumb112911078:
GrandPa and Baby by cycoze A few seconds. by C-Hass
A Strange Introduction by northernmonkeyz Beauty lies inside by crazyIvan969 sir Henryk by TheRedWater Youth and old age by chanaka-maciej:thumb80976243:
chabelo... by elgallosicodelico:thumb95821176: - by agatha-katzensprung:thumb128132329:
Drifting into Emptiness by bjorntoday:thumb142033735: An Old Tale by gilad

Endless path of wisdom...

last man standing by kwha:thumb41602817: Strange Fog by AgenttSmith
Il Musicante dei Gessi II by StregaMuriel:thumb50734364: :::Detail::: by designtu where everything else begins by buhoazul

pedestal by aimeelikestotakepics

     Grow with wisdom.

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jenniebeeHobbyist Photographer
You should call this "The Men With Beards" gallery
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Thank you for the honor :bow:
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What a collection! It's an honor to be part of it. Thank you!
It's nice to see such collections and also inspiring. :thumbsup:
Congrats to all the fellow featured artists!
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thank you for the feature! :]
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StregaMurielHobbyist Photographer
ohh i'm so glad you featured me *_* thank you so much!!!
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Thank you. It honors me.
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shadowscapeHobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the (double) feature, I am honoured to be part of such a lovely collection.
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My pleasure :)
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Thank you very much for the inclusion!
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ACSolhaHobbyist Photographer
Thank you :hug:
Great colection
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Superb collection and great concept for a feature :clap:
Thank you so much for including one of mine :hug:
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k8starHobbyist Traditional Artist
what an amazing bunch of portraits - great collection i reckon :)
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Thank You! ;)
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multixHobbyist Photographer
Oh, thank you very much for the feature.
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AngelofGod87Hobbyist Writer
Wow... very nicely put together...
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You're right ;) Thanks
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AngelofGod87Hobbyist Writer
You're quite welcome

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rhipsterHobbyist Photographer
Thanks :boogie:
great portraits selection, and :love: the theme
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My pleasure ;)
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stefanienevesStudent Photographer
amazing collection of photos!
great job!

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many thanks for you!
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