Human Wisdom

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Street Philosopher II by FiruL33T People Vol.11 by ertek:thumb80118227:
:thumb23877685: Polish Philosopher by fruitinduct:thumb103688215:
ivories by agent-86 The sound of silence by Qubic2007 Now, Listen... by Steelo23 Waiting by EarthboyJakobus
Mr. Akimbo by BurlapZack Faces of London III by Monastor Time Remembered by NeoLightEOS Old  Age..... by YuriBonder
KickBack. by wexotype11 In The Passing Of Youth by SassyAssLilBich beard by fireyembers
technology is for everybody by scherer-fernando Thoughtful by nukeation
054 by necromorphina 083 by necromorphina:thumb25525642::thumb25525729:
Me by BrokenLens My Nana, III. by ulose2piranha Smoke by WojtekVK
Exentric Philosopher by KristianLouis Say cheeezzz..3 by carlzon:thumb80563898::thumb81770291:
UT VI by ghostddrp DWBLT by anikitheraven Crazy Eyes by Steelo23:thumb80080092:
Monk by lironc Holy Man by Tyrion-FF of determination by rhapsouldize People Vol. 33 by ertek
Bhuddist Monk In China by kimjew:thumb44268661: Nepali Elder by didumdidum
A Tibetan Monk by FelixTo The Old Buddhist Monk by serhatdemiroglu Monk by Tyrion-FF:thumb78092989:
The Monk by Arsenov old, old, old monk by FrenulumKu:thumb23795073: Village Elder by qning
Zakonnik III by mdata Monk by intao Searching by Olomunyak
The monk by shadowscape On the Road... by silhouette-of-life Tuber Valentine by skiesofchaos
Elder...001 by arkady001:thumb107621702: The Wise by Twitch-
there were flowers by AnjaMillen My Nana, II. by ulose2piranha:thumb76403031:
The Elder by D-an The Gaze of Age by Arggg Elder Woman of Nicaragua by erikbarker:thumb53538572:
Grandma by Kamil8702 Thinking by mahumasu Infinite Experiences by marcelomb
The kind old woman by YuriBonder What Old People Do by avotius:thumb96632988:
:thumb97937831: Michael Hussar : Portrait by lithiumpicnic Mr10 the philosopher... by Olmenta:thumb42003990:
philosopher's hand by gokcedenizbalkan pompus payne by haleyhair A Philosopher's Mind. by Sting1 Elder Highlander by TorZirael
Zvrki by ilijaa Fascinating, sir by Yossarian24 Iscariot by viKingKing
Philosopher by dragonka1988 Philosophizing by jesuistonydanza Cigarettes and Alcohol by Ian-Slutsky
:thumb96068078: Mc2 by cookiemonstah Angel Kathleen by woodeye
andy crow st by z-o-o-z Roffe by chemin-de-fer Studio Profesor by ChAtOuGNA
Hairs anger by Papou:thumb97462441:
elder times by p0r0cala People are strange. by murdericious:thumb74180984: Thinking? by kalay86

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Thanks for the Feature! Just saw it today.

Cheers from ATX!
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dragonka1988Student Photographer
THANKS :heart:THANKS :heart:THANKS :heart:
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Brilliant feature! People are so fascinating :)

(And thanks, of course) xx
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Thank you so much for the feature. Wonderful selections.
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thanks for featuring my work! lovely collection you've gathered here!
agent-86's avatar
wonderful collection of portraits, they all tell a story , an i imagine each person shown has many a stories to share.
CheKee's avatar
You're right ;)

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Bad-w0lf Photographer
THANKS :heart:
BUDOHODZA's avatar
thanks for fav
all pictures are great!
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Have to say that I've never felt so proud to be in a feature!! Thank you!
CheKee's avatar
Thank You..
d-anm-an's avatar
thanks so much for the features - it really means alot!
you've chosen some incredible portraits... nice one!

CheKee's avatar
Thank You! :groucho:
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Great! Thanks alot! :heart:
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mydenialtwist Traditional Artist
amazing collection!
i like its subject... wisdom is not a popular one.

great work, the whole complitation and every single photo... :)
CheKee's avatar
You wrote what I wish to read.
You're right, it's not popular subject. I was trying to find news about wisdom like this one but I cannot find it. Of course maybe somewhere it is. :P
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An amazing compilation of wise old faces :aww:
Heaven-Rose's avatar
(Although not all of them are old, wise eyes tend to show age, is what I meant:D)
CheKee's avatar
yes yes that I try to show (inter alia). Eyes gimme a lot of informations about others. Thanks :)
libraryliving's avatar
love them all. great work!! :clap:
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secilkukaHobbyist Photographer
Wow! Thank you! :hug:
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