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Wolfram Herrmann la knight WIP by Chei-sama Wolfram Herrmann la knight WIP by Chei-sama
Wolfram Herrmann is the beloved drunken invincible hero of Der Drachen ist Kin (The Dragon's Kin) who was bit in the heart as a kid by the dragon which destroyed his home village and murdered his family. When he was bit, the dragon injected some of its toxic blood into him, poisoning him. A dragon's blood is poisonous only when it clashes with a human's blood in the body. The poison was cured of its deadly affects by an elven man, but at a cost. The poison could not be removed from his body, as it was circulating in his body. The only choice in order for him to survive would be to remove all of his human blood but the results of this would permanently change his body. He became invincible as a result. Just as a dragon can only be killed by cutting off the head, the place where all the venom spawns, Wolfram can only be killed by attacking his heart, the place where his poisonous blood circulates. This invincibility takes him on many perilous journeys that only he can survive. The change of his blood to a dragon's blood makes the dragon part of him, meaning he is literally a dragon man. Wolfram Herrmann is: The Dragon's Kin.

Yep, so that's my novel which I have put a LOT of effort into creating. I drew from many sources for ideas and references, such as: Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, World Of Warcraft, Greek Mythology, Beowulf, E Nomine's Mitternacht, Nightwish, Mabinogi, Frankenstein, and the weird depths of my imagination. This story, though, is 100% my idea. No one can steal it, you got that?!

I didn't feel like finishing it tonight, so I'm just gonna be like bleh and go to bed and finish it up

This is supposed to be him when he's off on his final quest of the book and everyone's like "Yeah, you're gonna fail. Take this really crappy armor."

And no, that's not a weird knife or a tiny sword or a seashell or whatever you could mistake it to be. It's the fang on the dragon which was lodged into his heart as a child, dripping with the venom and blood that is in his body, the very thing which made him the hero he is :>

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August 25, 2011
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