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Emily by Chei-sama Emily :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 1 0
A True Man
I can't remember what it feels like to smile
and feel the joy spread across my skin like sunlight.
I can't recall what my face really looks like.
I guess I've been wearing this mask for too long.
I don't know how my own voice sounds.
I've always been using someone else's words.
Maybe I did something really bad in the past
and karma is making me pay for it in this life.
Or could it be that I'm simply a cursed man?
I'm forced to spend my life living within a shell.
My damnable shell so hollow and so cold inside
and its poison is making it difficult to breathe.
Every day is spent being jeered by my own flesh,
the lies it always tells could impress the devil.
My mind wails for me to attempt ignoring everything
but I know in my heart that I could never survive.
You could snap my bones and tear my skin at the seams
and nothing would come close to the pain within my soul.
These thoughts always draw out the bitterest of tears
because crying is the only thing I can do to cope with it.
Imagine w
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 2 0
The Mercier Brothers by Chei-sama The Mercier Brothers :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 Andre and Fabien Mercier by Chei-sama Andre and Fabien Mercier :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 Johnny Holland by Chei-sama Johnny Holland :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 The Holland Sisters by Chei-sama The Holland Sisters :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 The Booker Family Photo - Part 3 (FIN) by Chei-sama The Booker Family Photo - Part 3 (FIN) :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 The Booker Family Photo - Part 2 (INC) by Chei-sama The Booker Family Photo - Part 2 (INC) :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 1 0 The Booker Family Photo - Part 1 (INC) by Chei-sama The Booker Family Photo - Part 1 (INC) :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 Charlie Booker by Chei-sama Charlie Booker :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0 Millennium Rod by Chei-sama Millennium Rod :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 1
| The Millennium Rod | One
| The Millennium Rod | I
"Haven't you anything better to do than bother me?"
Marik opened his violet eyes to send an irritated look over at Bakura, who was busy writing something in a notebook and looking just as annoyed.
"I did come here for a reason. You said you were busy, so I decided to wait. And I've been quite some time, Bakura." Marik growled as he sat up on Bakura's bed.
"Then just leave," Bakura waved his hand dismissively at Marik, not looking up at him.
Marik scowled, not wanting to have wasted his time up until now.
"My Millennium Rod has been acting strange."
Bakura looked up from what he was writing, dark eyes piercing into Marik's.
"What do you mean?" Bakura quirked an eyebrow as Marik looked at the Millennium Rod held tightly in his hand.
"It keeps showing me...strange visions." He scowled, his face showing both a mixture of confusion and irritation.
"Is that all?" Bakura scoffed, "I thought it did that normally," he muttered as he started back on writing
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0
| Thief | Chapter One
| Thief | I
A dim strand of moonlight shined through the small circular window. A storm was brewing, thunder rumbled in the dark clouds which gathered above the blimp. A pair of lavender eyes looked out into the bleak sky, stewing in quiet reflection. Marik had never been one to brood, necessarily, but with all that was occurring, he had to plan carefully his each and every move. One slip and his entire plan would fall to pieces. So far, everyone still assumed Rishid was him, and while he knew this masquerade couldn't last forever, he planned to draw out as long as he could. Everything was working out exactly as he planned. He'd even foreseen Ishizu's attempts to foil his plans. Not that really mattered, as he would defeat her too if she got in the way of his face-off with the Pharaoh. The only thing he hadn't predicted was him...
Marik turned away from the window, a scowl settling upon his face. He knew very little about his "ally", if one could call him that, and being
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0
Mother's Little Doll
Smile, smile, smile, don't ever cry.
Lying, lying, lying, never be true.
Just sit there pretty, little girl.
Dance in your dresses, my little doll.
Press on the make-up, little miss.
Suffer to be beautiful, my daughter.
Pastel little beauty with his hidden eyes.
Long blond hair stretching down his back.
Lapsing his smiles at the blank walls.
This is only how it's supposed to be.
Elegant, elegant, elegant, a proper lady.
Laughing, laughing, laughing, excuse for tears.
Put on your high heels, oh sweetie.
Sing through the night, my puppet.
Curl your hair like mine, oh dearest.
Rainbows and butterflies, my daughter.
Never speaks a word of defiance any more.
He must be broken after all these years.
The little toy with his cracked glass eyes.
How do you hurt someone who doesn't feel?
Aching, aching, aching, how his heart wails!
Seething, seething, seething, how his hate grows!
You will not play dress up with me any more.
The pinks and purples, what are they to me?
The colours of sweet candie
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 1 1
Passion Essay
There are thousands of languages in the world, making it difficult to share messages with those who do not speak your tongue. However, there is one thing that is known universally, something that doesn't even need to be spoken to be understood; love. Love is one of the basic human emotions, one everyone can relate to on some level. When two people love each other, it is supposed to be seen as something beautiful, those people should be allowed to marry, have families, and spend the rest of their lives together. Yet the cruel reality of our society shows us every day how this inalienable human right to love is compromised simply because of gender.
The controversy around the idea of same-sex marriage is astounding, not because of how outspoken both sides are, but merely in the fact that it is considered controversial. By what grounds is there to protest the act of marriage? Many claim there is a Biblical reasoning behind this, but that should not be a reason two people are forbidden to l
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0
Tea and Biscuits. by Chei-sama Tea and Biscuits. :iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 0 0


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Chei-sama's Profile Picture
Jean Dunn
Artist | Student | Literature
My name is Jean but you can call me Jack, Iggy, Pantaloods, Kaibacopter, Copycat, or any title of praise (ie. king, m'lord, your majesty, my liege, pharaoh, ect.) simply because I like that name.

My Xbox Live gamertag is ArizelD. My DuelingNetwork username is Florence75. You should add me.

Everyone who went to Anime Boston 2012, I love you. You are better than bacon!!

I don't even know any more. I never use dA these days.

Beware! I brandish sophistication! (Sometimes)

Current Residence: Domino City
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Print preference: Postcard
Favourite genre of music: It changes.
Favourite photographer: Myself >O>
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 4
Favourite cartoon character: Marik Ishtar
Personal Quote: Uh.
I've always had this really strong affinity for pirates and sailing and the sea. It's the perfect life in my mind, being free as the winds which send me across the world. Sure, it was dangerous, it was bloody and scandalous and I'd be a criminal, maybe I would never be rich or have my own ship, maybe I'd die of scurvy or have my tongue cut out and my limbs hacked off or maybe I'd become a captain just to lose it all in a mutiny. But I swear, there would be nothing like the feel off the heavens sobbing onto the deck as the waves of the sea smash into the hull and try to swallow your ship whole. There must be no feeling in the world that could compare to the heat of the sun on your back as you get saltwater and sweat in the rope burns on your calloused hands which have tied more riggings than bottles of watered down grog they've held. I dream and I dream but I know it'll never happen to me. I'll never own my beloved brigantine, I'll never have to run a man through with a rusty old cutlass, I'll never feel the wrath of a sea storm.

That's half the reason I decided to become an author, aside for my obsession with how beautiful and magical languages are. And don't get me started on how much I love language. Every novel I write isn't just a collection of words, it's literally the embodiment of my passions in life. Every pirate I've ever made, every adventure I've ever created, every god I've ever thought up, everything I write is a little bit of my dreams.
  • Listening to: Homesick - Parov Stelar
  • Watching: Atlantis: The Lost Empire


First of all, the characters are easily recognizable due to certain details (the coat, the hair pin, ect). I really doubt anyone's goin...

This ID replicates the real deal to a degree that leaves me for the most part speechless. I know I would definitely like to have this p...


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