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Let's build a new operating system!

Of course I'm not developing an operating system. But I've started to modify Windows to make it look like a new operating system again OMG MOAR POEMS! .

After doing what everybody does nowadays (applying an unregistered theme and a wallpaper), I'm now trying to get (the latest experimental build of) LiteStep working on Windows 10 and it works - yay! But there are still some bugs like windows being shown in the taskbar that shouldn't be shown there (like the calculate that isn't even running, 'Start menu', 'Search' - or 'Cortana' on Windows 10 - and this invisible nameless window that keeps annoying me) and I'm also struggling a bit with the partly incomplete documentation of the n-modules for LiteStep. That's why the clock says midnight (rather it says '00:00' than 'time(%H:%M)'). On the other hand the rest works nearly perfectly. It even works well with Windows 10's virtual desktops. A cool thing is that the windows from all virtual desktops are shown in the taskbar and when you click them, the virtual desktop with that window shows up automatically.
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if you want to deinstall cortana onedrive and other annoyances and spying programs:…
the program even explains what deactivating or uninstalling certain things does.