1o free sketches and 2ooo k (soon ^^)

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10 free sketches:

^^ ok I have this from a german site (animexx) and requested one of a friends free sketches- since the rules say that you have to offer 10 free ones in your own journal ect afterwards.... here I am :D
(I only know 4 people on animexx ^^° thats why I´ll do it here on dA )

the rules are very simple:
1. comment here to get one (you can suggest a theme if you like, or tell me what you want)

2. offer 1o free sketches on your own

^^ thats it. :aww:

2ooo k ^^

I´ve nearly reched it ^^ and since I missed my 1ooo totally it would be nice if you´d make a screeny - and I´ll draw whatever you want *lol* at least I´ll try =^-^=

sketches for:

:wave: ^^
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Sadly I'm not able to draw well enough to fulfill the promise of 10 sketches for others, else I would join in.

Do you think 10 poems would be an akceptable alternative?

PS: How do you spell akceptable? :)