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web 2 icon set

By Cheezen
Something I made for fun in my spare time for my lovely dA friends :D I'm happy if you find some use for them.

These icons are totally free to use for whatever you want, although I would appreciate if you told me what you're going to use them for.

:pointr: 128x128 px .ICO and .PNG

EDIT: Just realized I didn't have transparent background, really sorry that I forgot that. It's fixed now however!
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Great looking icons, they will fit in just perfectly with the forum system I am currently developing.
I will remember to link back!

Thanks for sharing!
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Sorry for the double comment there, looked like the first comment didn't get posted so I tried again.. silly me.

But thanks again!
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Thanks a lot mate! :D I'd be pleased if you linked back but it's not a requirement. Would be nice to see the result though ;)
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Sure thing! I'll link back to the DA page, unless you have an official website or like you want me to link to instead?

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The DA is more than fine, thank you very much :)
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MrEliasen's avatar
Great looking icons! I think I will include these into my new forum system I am building :).
I'll remember to link back!
Thank you for your time and talent! I appreciate the work, I'm making a theme for my bb storm II.
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Thanks a lot mate :D Good luck, hope you'll find any use for the icons!
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Lovely icons. I'm planning on using a couple for a customized mock website. ^^ I'll post a link to the image of the site if I ever finish. >.<
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Very nice!!! And just when I needed some too!!
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Thank you, hope you'll find use for them!
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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Ohh nice mate :)
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Thank you, kind sir! :D
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