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Desktop Icons

These are the very first icons I've made myself. I know they aren't That nice but they're rahter good in my opinion. Took like 3 hours to do in Photoshop, hope you like 'em :D

"Summerness" by Benout Paille used on the monitor.

Image size: 256x256 px (.png)
Icon size: 256x256 px (.ico)

You have permission to use them for whatever you guys want. Would appreciate if you told me anyway, just curious :D

(Please tell me if something needs to be changed)
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love this hope I can find the few others I am looking for. thanks

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i love how 2000s-looking it is. takes me back

Using them to add spice to my work computer (it is boring right now)
icon at my dekstop like my favorate art
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These are very nice! I love this clean style - great job!
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I like the network and trashcan icons :)
How can i download it?
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Nice clean set of icons for the desktop :)
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Wishing these were part of a larger set.  These look great on my current Linux setup, which I like to keep 'dark', pristine, and professional-looking, but not completely blacked-out.
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very nice work!Clap 
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Thankx so much, i gonna use the one of the world for an app project for the university. Probably i have to modify it a lil bit but is awesome. A pretty well job, so thankx! >< 
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Yeah of course, there is a download link to the right. There is no license to use the icons, which means you can do whatever you want with them.
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its amazing! thank you. my desktop look awesome :D
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These are slick icon designs, very classy wink :P 
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Just downloaded and used. Great job. Love the way they look.
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you're good. thank you very much. I was hoping for full system package... do you have any plans?
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