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Twilight Velvet - Did Someone Say Skydiving?

Finally got around to doing vectors of Twilight's parents (who are finally officially named in the credits!) now that they've appeared again in a more meaningful situation. Here's Twilight, looking excited.

You can get the SVG vector file at Derpibooru.
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Used and credited:

(Request) Nightvelvet Again
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She's my third favourite mother in the show.

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We could use a MLpFiM prequel series before Gen 4! Twilight Velvet should be leader of her Mane Six, plus her friends will or might be:

1. Windy Whistles
2. Cloudy Quartz
3. Younger Mrs. Shy
4. Cookie Crumbles
5. Pear Butter
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Twilight Velvet is obviously best Mane 6 parent! :D
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That’s Twilight’s mother
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Yes. Yes I did. Just don't tell your daughter we did.
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To say I was surprised that Velvet was a daredevil is an understatement.  But that's probably what was intended, and she's funny all the same.
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I agree, Twilight and Shining Armour's mom is really cool 
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Yes. Yes we did.
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:iconangrytwilightplz:+:iconshiningarmorangryplz: "DID NOT!"
:iconcadanceplz: -> :iconteheplz:
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