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Rah Rah Rara

Update: Changed the curls on her mane so they flow in a spiral better.

This was a beautiful episode, with a beautiful new character. Coloratura, AKA Countess Coloratura, AKA Rara, voiced by Lena Hall. Taken from the scene near the end of the episode where she finishes her piano piece and is about to address the crowd.

A SVG vector is available at Derpibooru.
You can also get a vector of her cutie mark at Derpibooru.

My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.
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Love the dress that she wears towards the end of the episode :3
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Me too! But love that sweet smile of hers more =3
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I used this vector on a PMV that's being uploaded, hope you can wait for it.
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i never thought it'd be possible but Rara has just reached the extreme level of adorableness just like Fluttershy, Coco Pommel, Marble Pie, Minuette, Aloe, Lotus & a few more :iconomgsocuteplz:
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That was an amazing episode. Hey can you make a seperate vectory where she's without her attire?
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You guys are giving me a hard time choosing which one to save :D
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She's so cuuuuuuute!
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Are you gonna do the two alternate versions? I hope so. You are one of the best vector makers.
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I appreciate it. Maybe this coming weekend? Well, no, on second thought the finale's this weekend so I'll be doing stuff from that like crazy I'm sure. I'll try to find time in December! Stupid real life and full-time jobs right?
SonicTAlicorn's avatar…;

This one. And I hope you don't get too overwhelmed with ur job. :03
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I'm pretty sure nobody's done the gem rarity sort of alternate style? The one she had right before the show. XD
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