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MLP45E - Dungeons and Dragons With Ponies!

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Updated 2/13/16 to version 0.93!

This is version 0.93 of MLP45E, a rulebook supplement intended to be used with the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. It contains rules for setting a D&D game in the land of Equestria, with elements taken from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon and its associated comics, art, and fan fiction. 

This update to the original, MLP:45E - Roleplaying in Equestria for DND 5E, is now fully compatible with the D&D 5th Edition roleplaying game. It contains all you need (along with the D&D Player's Handbook) to create characters to use in a D&D game set in Equestria (The DM will also probably want to have a copy of the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master's Guide). 

For printable season Zinger cards, you can get them here: Season 1 Zingers
If you're looking for monsters, check the MLP45E bestiary:  45E Bestiary
For magic items, check out the new MLP45E Artifacts of Equestria

4/19/15: Version 0.92 update released!
2/13/16: Version 0.93 update released!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You can remix and share it for non-commercial purposes as long as you attribute it to me and allow others to share it further.
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Any chance on adding the gargoyle/centaur/goat races in the near future? I'm really wanting to play some of the older races, but nothing's available on Gargoyles/Centaurs yet.

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SlyFlySpyGuyHobbyist Writer
My daughter was extremely excited when I told her I'd run across this. Thank you to all those who have contributed, for the sheer amount of effort you've put in.
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Now that Gen 4 has ended and all, I wanted to put a little time into getting into D&D when my curiosity let me stumble upon this gem of a submission. Looks amazing, and I'm pretty interested. ^~^

Though I must ask, are you considering to revise and create an updated version with more content? Especially since this is almost 5 years old, and stuff like an actual Kirin race being canon now.

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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
That would be awesome!
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unitedas1Hobbyist General Artist
While you're at it, care to make a stat sheet for Sirens?
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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
I can try :) should I make them bards? 
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unitedas1Hobbyist General Artist
Bards would be a fitting class, but Sirens as a race was what I meant.
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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
oh hmmm im not sure 
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if anyone want's to try and form a group for this game DM me on Roll20 at JoshTheGuy
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TyrantKing1998Hobbyist General Artist
And kirin are canon now! Yay!
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Hello again, Cheesedoodle.  I recently posted my own 5e MLP setting guide.  I'd love to see a critique from you.  As I said before, MLP45e was a source of inspiration for it so I do value your feedback. I don't want to hijack the chat here, so I won't link it, but you can find it on my page.
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robbieagrayHobbyist Artist
Is there any chance we will be receiving another update for this? I'm merely asking because of a few things that have been revealed in the show that I could see being added.

New Canon Races:
-Pure Changelings (like Thorax)
-Breezies... (maybe)
-Seaponies (now that the movie is out).

New Fandom Races:

Also it would seem that the warlocks class was either missing or forgotten in the original document. Would like some more insight on this. Especially since it would be interesting to see a Warlock whose Patron is either Luna, the Tantabus or even Discord.
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JukeboxxSheeptersHobbyist Digital Artist
Yaks are already a part of the list, and Seaponies can fit under Hippocampus.

The type of Changeling Thorax now is still can fit under the "Changeling Orphan".

It would be cool to see some Breezies.
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LiampOConnor42Student General Artist
Yeah, but Seaponies probably could be updated to fit with current canon better (like the fact that they and hippogriffs are in fact the same species, and they use a chunk of magic pearl to change back and forth), Changelings could be updated to align better with the recently published Wayfarer's Guide to Eberron changelings (which are far simpler mechanically), and Kirin need to be overhauled completely (being that they are now canon, and do not resemble the fanon in any way). Yaks are probably fine as is though.
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NinjafishDAHobbyist General Artist
I don’t know about any of you guys, but I wanna see a playable Draconequus race.
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ervn92Student Traditional Artist
well im going to introduce this to my table in tails of equestria thanks for all the effort and love that went to this proyect
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extreme case, if a dragon character became a shadow dragon or was born one, what would happen if they had breath weapon trick, would they lose it , or would it become a necrotic version of their original cantrip, as I know of no necrotic cantrips?
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nauticlord1Hobbyist Writer
You know what I've noticed? No one really wants to do MLP D&D adventures. And I think I know why, There are NO campaigns for it! So I propose that we MAKE our own! Set in the world of Equestria and having plenty of danger and elements that'll inspire others to make their own! I already have a few ideas but I'm no good with making stuff like CheezeDoodle since I'm a writer, not a graphic artist. So if anyone wants to help me create adventures for this fan-made mod to D&D, let me know and I'll be MORE than willing to work with you to make it happen!
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It's been a while since there's been an update, according to the description - had any ideas for progress, or have you just had nothing to improve upon?

Also, how much playtesting or player feedback have you gotten? I'd love to be able to help in that regard, whether I have a group or not - I'm a veteran of running campaigns by myself, sadly...
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[this space intentionally left blank]
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Hello Mr Cheezdoodle.  I'd like to point out that it was recently revealed that Meadowbrook, a great WIZARD Twilight has mentioned, is going to be shown as an Earth Pony. Already has been shown as one in the comics.

That's right, Earth Pony Mage. 

I'll resist saying I told you so, but I think this should be a  lesson on restricting player options when the fluff supporting such is very much speculative.
cheezedoodle96's avatar
I've known about her being an earth pony for quite some time actually. Her appearance in the comics suggest that she is taking the role of some sort of plague doctor, a magical physician, perhaps an expert at magical potions, much like Zecora. Her title may be mage, but , but her skill set would seem to line up more with what D&D would call an alchemist, artificer, or perhaps even a cleric or druid. 

Until Meadowbrook is shown to conjure things out of thin air, teleport, levitate objects, or do other traditional wizardly things without the aid of a magical item of some kind, I'm not going to jump to conclusions. 
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Well, I think you're jumping to calling her a cleric or druid or artificer.  Wizards in D&D have always used staves and wands too, so that doesn't rule out her being a wizard.  

If her magic comes from Study and Knowledge, I think you'd have to call her a wizard, even if she mostly does healing. She could easily be a Mystic Theurge. All Wizards can cast remove curse too! There's no source saying that her powers come from a connection with nature or Faith in a higher power, so calling her a cleric or druid is unfounded.
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Atlanta-HammyStudent Digital Artist
Huh, these are pretty interesting, though, i gotta wonder, from a suggestion / viewer stand point, have you thought about putting information regarding alicorns? specially for like NPC stuff? since I assume thats what most anyone would really use them for sadly. (I mean a alicorn PC would be interesting so long as it's played right)
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