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MLP Movie Spoiler - Tempest Shadow

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First of two variants of Tempest Shadow as she appeared in the movie trailer. This one she's got a confident smile as she's about to kick some flank!

The SVG vector version is available at Derpibooru.
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I wanna fart on her
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Can I make this to a gif?
I’ll credit you
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Yeah, all my stuff should have a creative commons license listed in the lower right corner of the page.
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I have a beautiful body.
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Yet you nearly killed thousands of innocent ponies over a phony deal with a person that used you for his own selfish purposes!
TempFizzle's avatar
What's a person?
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A human slang for pony, I mean when you made that stupid deal with the Storm King, look what it made you.
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Yeah like you have any room to talk Lord Vader. Or does hundreds of innocent Jedi oh and Jedi younglings come to mind? Not to mention Padme and Obi-wan and in the end, you too were used for a certain man's *Cough* Sidious *cough* selfish purposes over a phony deal he made with you to save Padme and if you had just ignored your dreams it would never have happened... Actually. The two of you have a lot in common right down to the scar over your right eyes and it's quite amazing when you think about it.

So just seeing your username talking to someone with a Tempest username just makes me the nerd in me quite happy.
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Tempest: MORDECAI AND CJ!!!!
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Too baad the movie was so mediocre...
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They flanderized the Mane 5 to the auto-parody level, giving Twilie mad and more confident to a saved & reformed strong-villain... for the third time, in facts!
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now that's a very danger!
She certainly looks smug, evil, and cruel enough.


...(As soon as film starts, kicks off "85:00 until Heel Turn Face". :P)
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Gal, be careful where you aim that thing, unless you want to absolutely annihilate it...!
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the most Badass Villain in all of MLP. agreed? :D
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Dunno, we'll see. She definitely has style.
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I was wondering, what is Tempest's manestyle? or at least, how would you describe her mane?
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I'd call it a mohawk.
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Sounds about right
Well, she certainly looks like a deadly, cruel, ruthless, and dangerous villain!




...You're going to be Twilight Sparkle's friend a good fifteen minutes before the end of the movie, aren't you?
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After reading the prequel book I really don't like Tempest and how she's dealing with things.
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