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Based on the previews of Flutter Brutter released yesterday, here's Fluttershy's Mom, credited as "Mrs. Shy." Updated with better colors and cutie mark.

The SVG vector file is available at Derpibooru.

My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.
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Cutest mother ever

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i wish her parents were differently designed. maybe they could be confident and fluttershy became shy just growing up or something.
I would love a version of this without the floating flowers in the background
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I think Fluttermom COULD be Posey!

Posey was the inspiration of Fluttershy and also likes flowers and has a garden.

This CHaracter is Fluttersy's Mom and also likes flowers and has a garden.

Coincidence? I think NOT.
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Doesn't matter if the design's different, I'm still calling her Posey.
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Mother of Fluttershy
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I call her posey like the original fluttershy
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Who want to name her Flowershy ? 
And his dad CloudShy ?
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Mrs. Shy is sweet, demure and caring. Her love of flowers probably influenced her daughter's love of animals. :)
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Such a cute little mare! Her kindness definitely rubbed off on her daughter...
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Mommyshy sounds way better
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I wanna call her blooming beauty :3
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Fragile Flower? Shrinking Violet?
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Or maybe Rosey Pose?
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That first one's really sweet <3
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Mind you, the Fragile Flowers would also apply collectively to Rose, Daisy, and Lily. ("The horror! The horror!")
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wow she's even got flurry heart's mane style
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I noticed that, too. The artists on the show say that pony manes can only be designed so many ways before they're re-used. Whether that's true or not is up for debate.
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thanks for that heavy Spoiler -.-
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