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What's that? Another great new character with tons of depth and an interesting backstory? MLPSeason6 is really on a roll so far. This is the newly-crowned dragon lord, princess Ember, daughter of the former dragon lord, Torch. She may not be big, but she's smart and brave and will do what it takes to keep the other dragons in line. With her in charge, maybe we'll see a softening of relations between the dragon lands and Equestria? One can only hope.

A SVG vector file is available at Derpibooru.

My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.
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Ember is a princess and she is in love with spike.:love: 
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I clicked on the link and downloaded the file.
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She's beautiful.
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Everyone shipper her with spike. He belongs to rarity. Let's cross the species
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i'm planning on using this vector in a video unchanged and i'm planing on listing you at the end of the video with everyone else's who's stuff i'm using is that okay?
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Yes: Look in the bottom right-hand corner past the links and stats to the creative commons license link.
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Mind if i use for a base? I will give you full credit. PS, Great drawing!
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Sure. Take a look at the bottom right-hand corner of the post where it says "License" the link there shows what's allowed.
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so very awesome :D
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what ep is this? :O
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Season 6, episode 5: Gauntlet of Fire
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Thank you so much! :D It looks cool! I hope to see more of Ember in the future!
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So do I! I want to learn more about her.
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Same, I hope spike will go visit her in future eps
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I like her already :D
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Yay finally a female dragon ,Hasbro has done it 🤘 I agree to this Spike shipping right here.
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Finally a character to ship with Spike that is not a Pony
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Hope to see her again in future episodes. She is so cute, not to mention hot.
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Would you be okay with this image being used in the Tv Tropes character page for MLP one-shot characters?
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Sure, all my stuff is creative commons licensed. you can see the link for instructions in the lower-right corner.
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Seriously love this character
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