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Captain Dash

This episode was a whirlwind tour of epic character design, aside from all the other amazing things that happened. Lifted directly from the episode, this is Rainbow Dash in her Canterlot resistance army jumpsuit from the alternate timeline where King Sombra rules the Crystal Empire and is invading Equestria.  

A SVG is available at Derpibooru.

My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.
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I wanna fart on her
LavenderRain24's avatar
The Metal wing is perfect for Rainbow! She'd definitely be a General or Sargent or something like that if she were in the army for Equestria.
Reaper2545's avatar
She will be upgraded by machine guns 
gallop-free's avatar
Poor Rainbow Dash.

Losing a wing must've been pretty hard.
Bronymeister's avatar
She looks awesome like this and I made an Equestrian Fighter version of Rainbow Dash…
brunoprower500's avatar
"That's why i'm a Super Soldier!"
TheFunnyguy9000's avatar
ShockwaveGenesect's avatar
She Looks like a Fallout Character
MPnoir's avatar
She looked so badass in that timeline
Sannewolfpony's avatar
am i the only one that wants to know how dash got that robot wing?
Maxxarcade's avatar
I'm curious also, but I feel so bad for the pain she must have been through :-(
Sannewolfpony's avatar
yeah, that ripped ear looks like it hurts... i'm more curious then ever!
NeosTH2001's avatar… How hard is it to find this? I mean, really. Not surprised though.
CatHedgehog's avatar
Wow Dash! You looked like you got into WAY too many fights and battles!
MLPRainbowBrush's avatar
Her Mechanical Wing is the Coolest!!!!
T-Shiftz's avatar
As Dashie would say THIS..IS..AWESOME!!!!
Pyrus-Leonidas's avatar
I actually liked this version the moment I saw her
Angelwings200's avatar
The character designs were defiantly my favorite part of the finale. They were just too good!La la la la 
TheOtterPony's avatar
So awesome! I almost can't believe what I watched. :D
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