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I like ponies.

Been away for some time

Been away for some time

I've been uploading my pics to Derpibooru since the season started, and I'm behind uploading here. I'll be adding one or two pics per day until I'm caught up again.

MLP:45e Update: Abyssinian Cat-Folk

MLP:45e Update: Abyssinian Cat-Folk

Here's update preview #3. Once again, took some liberties with the backstory of Abyssinia, but they seem plausible to me. A catfolk bard or rogue is the perfect "face" character for any party. Cat-Folk When most ponies think of a cat, they imagine a cute little ball of fur that likes to chase mice or bat at yarn. They’ve probably never met the cat-folk of Abyssinia. At first glance these kitties look just like the house cats of Equestria, except for their enormous size--they’re as large as a full-grown pony. Once they stand up on their hind legs though, the average abyssinian easily stands a head taller than even a large stallion

MLP:45e Update: Aris Hippogriffs

MLP:45e Update: Aris Hippogriffs

Here's the 2nd update preview. There are a few liberties taken with the backstory. We're not really certain how long the hippogriffs have been exiled to Seaquestria, but it seems to be a minimum of 15 years based on Silverstream's history. The entire concept of additional colonies and a home continent is headcanon as well. Now that true-blooded hippogriffs are an established species entirely separate from griffons and ponies, I may eventually split up the hippogriffs into a couple of subraces. Maybe there's an arctic hippogriff subrace with cold-based magic, or a desert subrace with fire-based magic. What do you think? Aris Hippogriffs Equ

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Where have you gone?

Jaredking203Professional Traditional Artist

Hey, I know you might hate this question, but are you done with Derpibooru and this site? We don't want you to leave forever. We love your art and everything. Please come back.

DoraeArtDreams-AspyProfessional Digital Artist

Is it okay if I can make bases of your mlp vectors?

I will credit you

May I borrow and use the Super Spike, or Spike 2.0 vector for a few pictures that I'm working on?

xtomy12Student Digital Artist
LysitheaWOHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry to bother you but I'd like to know, do you take requests or commissions ? 
Thanks :) 
BC-LSStudent Digital Artist
Do you accept requests?