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Hello? Yes? I am alive?

Sorry I've been so awful the past few years... I really don't have a good excuse, but I'll try to fill you all in on what I've been up to.

Tomorrow I'll be celebrating my 3rd year at my job! I currently weaving blankets for a 'sustainable luxury' company. My boss' words, not mine. I absolutely love what I do! I could deal with less drama and attitude from most of my co-workers, but non the less, I wake up every day happy to go to work! ♡♥♡

In August of 2013 I joined a band playing bass, just to be kicked out in January for being "not serious enough" after I missed two practices because I was sick. I really don't want to dwell on this long because there are so many other things I want to say, but it will only make me angry, and it's immature I suppose.

Then last March I joined a different band which went o.k. I actually got to play some shows with this band and earn a few bucks, but the drummers immaturity and lack of reality got under mine and the rest Andy's the members skins, so we slowly and silently quit.

But I think the most exciting news is that I'm leaving for Australia in 13 days!!!!!! I won't be there long, the trip in total is 10 days, and it will take 2 days to get there from where I live, but I will be in Australia!

Quite honestly that sums up the past few years for the most part, as lame as it is. I'm currently sitting in my chiropractor's office steeling his wifi waiting to be seen about my knee (I screwed it up the other day while exercising). I guess that's it! Hopefully talk to you all before 2018!

Free Premium Membership Day!?!?!?!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 8:59 PM
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Just logged on to find out it's free premium member ship day..... Should have logged on earlier......

Art and Journal by 0illecebra0
So I really should go back to school (college), but the only thing stopping me is the fact that the cheapest art school I can find is over $30,000! I've been looking at Montserrat, which is only about 4 hours away from where I live, and I've also been looking at Cornish in Seattle, which is, like, 3,200 miles away (I'm not afraid of being that far away from home, it's my mother who has a problem with me being that far away.). And, because I'm not from the west coast area, I could have a higher chance of being accepted for scholarships (according to a mother I babysit for)! I guess I'm writing all of this for advice. I'm not really sure which school to start seriously looking at :/  ;<--- Montserrat  ;<--- Cornish
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O.K., I'll try to sum this up so it's not a super long story; My friend Ondrej (from the Czech Rep.) messaged me on facebook the other day for my brownie recipe. Hearing from him made me think of Europe and how much I miss it. And because he's from the Czech Republic, he (unaware of all of this) made me miss Prague the most. So I've been looking at pictures of Prague here on dA and on Google. At one point I realized I have a ton of images of Prague on my laptop which made me wonder if I uploaded any on here. I haven't... So basically I'm writing this just to for warn everyone that I'm going to be uploading a ton of picture of Prague...

Oh, and I'm not feeling noble, I just like how the little guy's in a suit of armor :3
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I've been a mess the past couple of days. Saturday my friend was killed at the age of 19, and ever since I found out, I've been physically and emotionaly drained. I don't feel like myself, I can't sleep, and I just feel like a useless blob. I wasn't real close to him, but I sure miss him alot. He was the second post-grad from my high school to die in the past month. :'( I know time will heal, but right now I feel like shit (pardon my french).

And to top everything off, I found out my grandfather had a heart attack the same day my friend died. He's in the hospital and doing better now.  My parents won't let me go see hime because the hospital he's in is two hours away and they keep saying I can't aford the gas to go down.

But on a brighter side; I've been thinking about moving to New Zealand for a year or so. I've done some research and I really like what I've found! :D I know they had a really bad earthquake recently, but I still want to go. It'sOoOo much warmer than it is here durring their winter, and the people seem so much nicer than the ones here in the U.S.! All in all, it just seems like a nicer place to live :)
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I apologize to everyone for not posting anything new in months. My desktop computer is extreamly slow, and my laptop died. So there is no fast and easy way to upload anything new :( I know I have promised duck pictures for a year now and I am truely sorry that I not been able to get them up. I don't have alot of time to wait around for them to load either. :(

On the brighter side;
THE WEATHER IS FINALY FREAKIN' NICE! I plain on shooting some new awesome stuff with my slr tomorrow :D God I can't wait for summer :D
Well I should probally go to bed now, but I think I'll watch Star Wars instead :D
Yes February vacation is finally here! No school for a week :). Well I dont have much to wright. I just thought that I'd make a new journal entry. As you can see I am a very exiting person. :P
So mid-terms are next week:(. I am so not looking forward to those. I've filled out a few college apps.:), but Im more worried about my portfolio. My laptop has decided it hates me, which would be fine if all my pictures wernt on it! So my portfolio is on hold and hopefully my laptop can be fixed!:)

I have put up a few of my Europe pictures. Luckly I had put some on my psp a few months ago and were able to get them on here! Please feel free to cretique them!
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Today is my 18th birthday and I am to lazy to type out 18. I found out about my surprise party tonight thanks to Allie.... My mom is really pissed at her right now, and I get to skip school and use the car. Not a bad present if you ask me. It's very quite at my house at this moment which doesn't bother me, because I'm not being pestered with the Happy Birthday song. I have to go get my picture licence taking later, but I think I'll treat myself to some breakfast first :). I'm thinking a nice waffle with a side of bacon and a glass of cranberry juice, but I wont be able to eat it all so maybe I'll down size so I wont waste any food. (I don't eat much if you couldn't tell)

But enough about me. I hope everyone's day goes well, if not great, and now about me, I am going to go get dressed now and officially start my day.:)
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hey guys happy veterans day! Im sorry i havent posted any thing in months but we finally have high speed internet! Hopefully i'll have new pics up soon. First on the list is the ducks which i have promised for a while and i found out what kind of ducks they are. Their muscovy ducks. im not sure if thats spelt right but oh well. I will put up some of my europe pics as well. Any way i hope every one is well and enjoying the cold weather.(ha ha im joking, i hate the cold) tootles! -Felicia
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So I got the grade for my photo 2 final today. I didn't do so great on the paper but I cant write anything to save my life. But the other half of my final was we had to submit 14 photos that we took this year and describe why we thought they were good. The most possible points we could get was 65, and i got a 63! That made my day right there but, when the teacher showed me my grade, she said she was amazed with my portfolio! That made my head swell a lot, but I thought I would share my high point of my day on here, and eventually put some new pics up!

P.S. every one should check out this german band called oomph. If you like electronic metal-esk music, youll like them.
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Schools almost out and im so excited! I can't wait to go to Europe this summer and take all kinds of sweet pics! we also have baby duckies and i will have to put up some pictures of them after i put up some pics of the ducks i promised petrova a long time ago!(I haven't forgo) Any hoo i just want to wish every one luck on their finals and to have a great summer!
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so today im home from school, not because im sick, but because i have shin splints again. :( for those of you who dont know what they are, they are either small bone fragments that dig into your leg muscle or your leg muscle is torn a little and it hurts like hell! You know i dont think it would be as bad if i wasnt over six feet tall but you cant pick your height unfortunatly! :( I have a people to people meeting tonight and i am not looking forward to it cause i dont get along with any one their but sarah and emma! I want to go to Europe but the whole program is pretty lame, i have home work i have to do! yeah so basically im just ranting about my pain and my problems but oh well, maybe i'll watch a movie or some thing
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I realy have nothing interesting to write about, mostly just complain. One of my co-workers was in a car accident last month, shes fine but she broke her leg and she cant work for a while, so guess who gets to fill her spot? thats right! me, so know i have to work wed-sat, and i hate saturdays because its an eight and a half hour day and its the slow season so i dont get much for tips( im a waitress). so needless to say, im worn out, im tired, and i have to go to school. Word To The Wise..... get that job were you sell stuff for other people on ebay, its alot less tiring
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so christmas vacation is over and as of right now i am sitting in the library of the school i go to talking to rachael on first class and reading some of allies..... what ever allie is reading. I am rather depressed im at school. I would much rather be at home sleeping! Allies day did not start out well, but its all right now. Im so bored. I hate school, and i cant wait for it to be summer vacation cause that means that im only a few days away from going to europe!!!!! yeah anyway there is not point to this if your looking for one.
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as of right now it is 3 a.m. and i cant sleep. im supposed to go to agusta in the morning. :( I dont run well with out sleep. Heather is going to come over on tuesday so i will have some one to talk to so i dont go crazy.... again. anhoo my christmas was okay. not that anyone realy cares. I hope every one had a happy holiday and will have a great new year!

lots of love: cheez-it-eater
               a.k.a fishi

..... i think im punch drunk... oh well