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Laxus X Fem!Reader - Thunderstorm (Fluff)
(Name) clamped her hands over her ears, squeezing her eyes shut. She whimpered waiting for the booming thunder to stop. Lightning flashed, illuminating her pale, fear filled face then plunged the room back into darkness again. The thunderstorm had taken the power away earlier on and had left the Guild Hall in total darkness. Master Makarov and the others had placed candles around the hall, Natsu lighting them up with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, although he managed to burn a quarter of the candles accidentally. Most of the guild members were in the Hall, waiting for the storm to stop so they could go to their own homes. (Name) could hear them playing games, like Snap and Magical Chairs.
(Name), however, was upstairs wedged in the corner of a room, as far away from the window as she could possibly get, waiting for the storm to pass. To her it seemed to have been raging for years though it was closer to ten minutes. She clenched her jaws together as another boom of thunder assaulted her
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 416 46
The Titan Slayer
Hi! My name is Lily Marie Dreyar and as far as I know I am the only titan slayer. I learned this magic from a dragon named Cascade. She is the water dragon and is married to the fire dragon Igneel. Titan slayer magic is very much like dragon and god slayer magic. It takes awhile longer to learn but it is very powerful. I hope to one day surpass my grandfather Makorav of Fairy Tail. It has been almost 7 years since I last saw Cascade and 2 more since I have seen Makorav, My father Ivan, or even my brother Laxus. I ran away like my mother told me to. She didn't want me to end up like my brother so we ran away. I was six when she was captured.
"Come on mom!! We have to make it to Magnolia!!" I say running as fast as my 6 year old legs would take me. My long blonde hair flowing behind me as I try to help my mom run faster. We were being hunted by rouge wizards.
"It's no use Lily! Just go with out me! Keep running till you see the Fairy Tail sign!! I will meet you.
:iconnorwayengland17:norwayengland17 1 1
Voices (Sting x Reader)

Sting x Reader
(A Fairy Tail Fanfic)
Warning: Suggestive themes ahead!
“What if we get caught, Sting? This is Rogue’s room, you realise that, right?”
“Shush,(f/n). If you keep making so much noise, we will definitely get caught.”
“But, Sting! It’s stuck.”
“I know! I know! I am trying!”
“It’s hurts!”
“I can’t help it. The hole is small.”
“Calm down, (f/n)-san! I will be as gentle as possible.”
“Just what are they doing?” said the Shadow dragon slayer, slightly irked with the situation. He had his right palm covering his nose to prevent any further blood loss.
“(f-f/n)-s-sama!!” squealed a white haired celestial mage, covering her reddened face and shaking it furiously out of embarrassment.
Pressing their twitching ears to the satin entrance door
:iconevannaeucliffe:EvannaEucliffe 281 349
Tails and swords, reader X Harry Hook (2)
Came back with a part 2. Didn't expect people to read it back came back to 103 views. 5 comments and 9 favorites. I simply wrote this since no one was writing X Harry's. But onwards
Chapter 2: Um
(Y/N)'s POV
Harry still had me pressed against the wall his sword pressing into my throat. Why couldn't Mal ask Melody. She was more capable than anything. Oh wait Uma would put her on a platter. Then fry her at her fish shop and serve her up to all the villains. "So what is it little mermaid?" Harry asked with a smirk on his handsome face. Wait handsome! When did Captain's Hook's son become handsome. His sword pressed more and nicked my nick drawing blood.
"Fine." I said glaring at him. Harry smirked and removed the sword. "I'm not a mermaid by the way." I replied before storming by him by combat boots hitting the floor. Harry watched me before jogging after me. My (Red or Black) hair flew behind me. "Don't forget our deal little mermaid." Harry said as he caught up
:iconkirathekillergod:KiraTheKillerGod 10 3
Tails and swords, reader X Harry Hook (3)
Back with part 3. Decided I'm going to chapter it.
Chapter 3: A very dangerous villain situation
(Y/N)'s POV:
Wolfy was right in front of me. "And who is this young tasty looking girl?" Wolfy asked. Harry looked quite panicked. But not as panicked as me. Least I wasn't Red Riding Hood's kids. She actually had twins. A girl and a boy. But Wolfy just implied he wanted to eat me and not in a sexual way at all. Harry then got his cool back. "Ilosovic Stayne daughter." Harry said quickly. I had no idea who that even was. "And who the hell is that?" Wolfy asked. Harry began thinking.
He obviously had no idea who it was either. Then a lightbulb went off in his head. "The Knave of hearts. You know The Red Queen. I doubt Rosy would be happy if you ate her." Harry said. "I thought he'd died." Wolfy said. "Well yes. But he obviously had a daughter before." Harry replied in a duh tone. Um glanced at me and I bit my lip to keep back a nasty response. "When will Uma be
:iconkirathekillergod:KiraTheKillerGod 11 1
Opposites (Harry Hook X Reader) {Pt.4}

You ran back to where Mal was and saw Jay, Evie and Carlos in the building. Jay turned around and saw you standing, 
        "You brought (Y/n)?! And she's already met Harry? Captain Hook's son?!" Jay asked Mal.
        "Jay, I made her bring me." you said walking towards them. Evie ran to you and hugged you,
        "What happened? Where'd you go?" she asked. You had your hand on the back of your neck and had a nervous smile.
        "Well, i kind of got captured but then Harry let me go. I couldn't save Ben."
        "So you know what happened to Ben and you were also captured?" Carlos asked and you nodded your head. 
        "Anyways, Jay and Carlos. Meet us at Pirate's bay, no later than noon. Failing is not an option, because we're rotten." Mal said as Jay and Carlos stood up.
        "To the core.
:iconunderfellsamantha34:UnderfellSamantha34 3 0
Gil x Reader True Intentions
True Intentions
A/N: I originally thought of this story with Harry in mind, but I've been reading Gil fics recently and he's such a cinnamon roll I changed it. Plus if I'd left it Harry, this book would be very Harry-centric, which doesn't bother me but I wanted to write other characters.
It isn't based on either movie. I guess it would be set before the first one because everyone lives on the Isle but I don't write around the movies.
"You're part of Mal's gang. Uma wants information and she has no moral qualms about how to get it."
You sauntered down the crumbled streets of the Isle alongside your four best friends. A giggle fell from your lips as Jay regaled you with an intriguing anecdote about how he'd stolen roses from the Queen of Hearts' garden and given them to his date. Mal was unimpressed, Evie was swooning, and Carlos was taking mental notes.
The five of you were blissfully unaware of a certain pair of eyes watching your every move.
"I need information," Uma grumbled to hers
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 12 1
Harry Hook x Reader First Mate
First Mate
Request for Abby457478
"Can I have an x reader Descendants harry hook"
A/N: I've had this idea in my head forever and now that I write Descendants I thought I'd put it to use.
"Uma's gone. Harry's the new captain. He's got a new first mate. What are Harry and crew going to do when Uma suddenly returns?"
The clinking of metal clashing against metal echoed through the air, sword blades hitting one another with every thrust. A feminine voice cried out a triumphant yell as she was once again victorious. Her opponent backed away with a groan, his hand resting atop the bleeding gash that the girl's sword had left on his cheek.
"Miss (Y/n)!" an excited voice called out, accompanied by the fast-paced thumping of booted feet running across wooden planks.
You let out a groan, dropping your sword and turning in direction of the voice. "What do you want, Gil? I'm training the newbies."
The blond boy was nearly jumping with excitement. "Uma's back!"
Your eyes widened and you nearly dropp
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 14 3
Harry Hook x Reader Into the Woods
Into the Woods
Request for Shifter
A/N: I decided to set it in Auradon, because Red Riding Hood is technically the hero of her story, so her daughter wouldn't live on the Isle.
"Daughter of red riding hood, kind of dark and always sticks with the group. Likes wolves, ironically. She catches Harry’s eye because she’s never seen without the scarlet cape, and one day he follows her into the woods to find out why. Then you can just put some fluff and a kiss."
Harry sat at his usual lunch table beside Gil and Uma. He picked at the meat on his tray, still unaccustomed to eating meals that were full of flavor. Food on the Isle tasted like cardboard and mold, and though Harry was grateful for the chance of a better life, he wasn't used to the kindness or accommodation that permeated Auradon.
His ocean colored eyes scanned the cafeteria, sneering at the bright smiles and chipper attitudes that littered the room. A flash of deep scarlet caught his eye and his head snapped around to f
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 11 0
Tails and swords, reader X Harry Hook (1)
I just watched Descendants 2 and I am in love. I am gonna make my own book like it but a more mature one. Here is a x reader. In here the reader is Ariel's daughter and Melody's sister. Ps: This is written in first person as I enjoy first person, your hair will either be red or black because you know I like to stick to the story line but everything else is yours. Ps:Ps: Um is Ursla's sister's son. He's my OC.
Chapter 1: The deal
(Your Pov)
"Stupid Mal." I murmured kicking a stone with my blue studded combat boot. Here I was in the Isle of the Lost. The last place I should be especially since Ursla's daughter probably didn't want to have a chat with me. I was decked out in villain's clothing. A studded black leather jacket and blue leather pants and my studded combat boots. I wasn't an idiot as I brought a sword along. I pushed my (B/R) hair back as I continued through. I passed a pirate looking man.
"(Y/N) it's very simply find out what's been going on th
:iconkirathekillergod:KiraTheKillerGod 28 13
Harry Hook x Reader Under the Moonlight
Under the Moonlight
Request for andy-blur
"Hey its me! I had this little idea about Harry where he go to Auradon and likes a shy and innocent princess (maybe daughter of Rapunzel) and she likes him too, so Harry show her to be less innocent in a so funny way if you know what I mean 😏😏 (smut if you could please I didn't find much smut about Harry)"
A/N: Since smut was requested I decided to make it a two part because there isn't enough fan fic out there.
Part One
The wind offered a nice breezy contrast to the otherwise toasty weather outside. It was the end of summer, just before the school year would begin, and you were outside with the rest of the Auradon welcoming committee. King Ben had managed to persuade more kids from the Isle to come to Auradon, and you were more than happy to stand outside and greet them. You loved meeting new people, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't fascinated by the Isle.
The limo slowed to a stop along the curb, and Ben reached out
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 14 2
Fanservice Raina x3 by BlueRaina16 Fanservice Raina x3 :iconblueraina16:BlueRaina16 2 0 Ruki Nimu #2 by RyuuChi12 Ruki Nimu #2 :iconryuuchi12:RyuuChi12 2 0 LET'S DO A COLLAB!!! by FayeTheDreamer LET'S DO A COLLAB!!! :iconfayethedreamer:FayeTheDreamer 7 3 (Collab) Risu, Seira and Rose! by chiyiko (Collab) Risu, Seira and Rose! :iconchiyiko:chiyiko 6 12 Ayame and Laxus by PrincessDeviluke Ayame and Laxus :iconprincessdeviluke:PrincessDeviluke 10 10


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