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Monster High OC by Anzhelee Monster High OC :iconanzhelee:Anzhelee 973 115
Kakashi's Daughter
"So...Alice," Kakashi growled sensuously. "We took care of that job pretty quick, eh?"
"Yes," Alice agreed. "This means we have the entire night to ourselves..."
"So... does that mean..."
"After we eat, my friend."
Later that evening, Kakashi felt something appear next to him. (What the...) he thought, unzipping his sleeping bag. (Oh my gods....) At his side lay a patchwork egg.
"How in the...Alice can't see this," Kakashi realized, taking the egg and running. "Way too confusing."
"Kakashi..." Javier yawned. "Don't you know what.... Oh my gods."
"Exactly what I said," Kakashi agreed. "Can you get Mr.288?"
"In a minute, my befuddling slim friend."
A few minutes later, Mr.288 was woken up enough to see what had happened.
"Oh my gods, Kakashi, can you tell me how this happened?" Mr.288 asked, examining the mage-egg.
"In detail?" Kakashi replied.
"I'd rather you wouldn't. Just tell me which girl it was."
"Alice Martyr." "Of course."
"So...." Kakashi stretched out. "What ar
:icona-little-odd:a-little-odd 3 15
Sugawara groaned; it'd only been three days at the training camp and he'd lost count of how many times he'd had to pry (Y/N) away from Oikawa, who'd learned that in order to get her attention on him he'd have to target Hinata - more often than not, Sugawara had been forced to enlist in Hinata's help before Oikawa was seriously injured.
Now was one of those times.
"You've insulted Shouyou-kun for the last time, you disrespectful little flea!"
"(L/n)-senpai, no! Oikawa-senpai isn't supposed to bend that way!" Hinata screeched, rushing to drag the upperclassman from rearranging Oikawa into an origami masterpiece.
Sugawara hurried to help, not wanting his second chance at rekindling a relationship with his sister to take place in a prison. Luckily, Hinata managed to draw the girl away with claims of hunger, which she was all to happy to fix.
Sugawara sighed in relief, collapsing against the nearest wall. His moment of peace was interuppted by a cough. He glanced up, confusion overtaking hi
:iconhotterwithoutahead:HotterWithoutAHead 20 5
Mature content
Patreon #34 Great X-PecTations Part 2 :iconcgman:CGMan 9 0
Search History (Dean x Reader)
"Dean!" You hollered through the bunker, stomping down the steps. "Get your ass in here now!" Dean cautiously exited his room, looking at you from the hall.
"Uh, Y-Y/N, what's wrong?" He asked, smiling nervously. You held up his laptop, a murderous look in your eyes. Dean looked like a deer in headlights, swallowing thickly.
"Come here, I'd like to be face to face when I talk to you." You said, plastering on a threatening smile. Dean slowly walked forward, until he was right in front of you. Sam had emerged from his own bedroom, as well, and was now stifling a laugh, leaning against the doorway. "So," you continued, and you saw perspiration collecting along Dean's brow. "I was on the laptop, and it died, so when I charged it again, the website I had been researching on was closed. I figured it would just be quicker to find it again in the search history." Dean's eyes widened, panic setting in his eyes. "But guess what else I found?" Dean stayed quiet, gulping again. You lifted the lid
:iconbrokenbones67:BrokenBones67 38 5
Dangerous Business
Finally, I've saved up enough money to travel cross country to America's U.F.O. hot spots! you thought excitedly, nearly crushing your poor camera as you step onto the grungy shuttle bus. Barely noticing the dusty windows and the near 90 degree interior, you sit next to an awkward young teenage boy with greasy brown hair, completely oblivious to the fact that his eyes were currently glued to your bust. You also pay no mind to the black-clad man sitting an isle across from you, who's strange eyes were concentrated on your face. You grin as, unbeknownst (sp?) to you, the man slowly stands as the bus comes to a stop, and saunters off the bus. You look at the back of his hood as he walks away, and you can't help but wonder, Who was he?
You didn't realize how soon that question would be answered, and in the oddest of ways...
:iconcjtheassassin333:CJTheAssassin333 8 9
Mature content
Bleach - A River Is Flowing - Prologue :iconcyberweasel89:Cyberweasel89 6 0
Mature content
Merman!Clear x busty!reader ~NSFW~ :icondildohno:Dildohno 4 0
Poland x Busty Chubby Reader - Swimsuit Annoyance
Poland x Busty Chubby Reader – Swimsuit Annoyance
Small Authors Note: Because I’m not sure how many people read the description I just wanted to say I’d like to request no hate for this please. I’ve run into some hate when I’ve said how I view guys in Hetalia and Poland is one of the major ones I encountered it on. I really like Poland, and pretty much all the guys, but I seem to be the odd person out a lot of the times because I don’t really see any of the guys as gay I see them all as bi or pansexual, especially France he’s so pan, because to me it makes the most sense. This comes from my own experiences with my friends, I know Poland may be hard to see as anything but gay but I have one friend just like him and he’s probably the straightest guy I know. Sounds crazy but it’s true he’ll sit there and talk to you about clothes and hair and make-up then start talking like France about how he likes the boobs on that girl and wou
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 87 35
South Park One Shot (Tweek x Busty!Reader)
Beachy fun!
You and Tweek were at the beach. You both had decided to go to hang out at the beach once school got out. Keeping your promise, you both went to the beach as soon as school finished. Hoping your boobs weren't popping out of your bathing suit, you rush into the water with Tweek. As you both were splashing in the water, you heard a whistle. Looking around you notice Kenny staring at your chest. Blushing, you put your arms around them. "Kenny you perv! Stop staring at them!" Kenny chuckles and looks away from your chest. Huffing, you turn back to Tweek embarrassed.
        Tweek looks awkwardly to the side. "Sorry about the interruption Tweek. Anyways, what were we doing?" Tweek shrugged and picked up a handful of sand from under the water. Picking through it, he found some sea shells and handed them to you. Getting an idea, you grab an empty container from your bag and bring it into the water with you. "Look, we can find sea shel
:icontweek123:tweek123 64 6
Hetalia x Busty!Reader
  Ah, Y/N L/N... Such a beautiful girl. Beautiful slim body with H/C hair and E/C eyes. Her looks made men go wild and crazy. Even though you might have beautiful and charming looks, men also loved you for your huge breasts. You were the country of C/N, but you enjoyed being called my your real name. Your breasts were a tad bit bigger than Ukraine's which was a HUGE problem (I yea, I just did that .w.) Ukraine's breasts were huge and bounced up and down with the tiniest step. Since you have slightly bigger breasts, it was horrible for you to walk or skip and especially run. You barley went to the beach because men and some women would stare at your breasts with wide eyes.
  If you do go to the beach, you just sit on a towel with your clothes on while covering your breasts with another towel. That also earned confused looks at you... Anyways, lets get on when what sha'll be happening today in this first fan-fic of mine~.
 You were getting ready for another meeting. You wo
:iconmochigoesmoo:MochiGoesMoo 86 20
Sam X-Reader - Busty Asian Wallpaper
            You’re bored. That’s your only reason for doing what you’ve done. It’s been too still, too uneventful for too long, and you couldn’t resist the urge to stir the pot.
            If you think about it, it’s kind of Sam’s fault. He could have very easily not given you the password to his laptop, and he could have not left you alone with it. As it is, the computer sits open on your lap, and you let out a quiet giggle as you change the wallpaper from the Stanford logo to a surprisingly high-definition photo of a well-endowed Asian woman that you got from Google. Even if the Busty Asian Beauties logo wasn’t in the corner, there’s no doubt that Sam will immediately accuse Dean for this. You’ve gotten yourself a well-behaved, good-girl reputation, and so Sam has no reason to think you
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 31 3
Levi X Busty! Reader: Moonlight Walk
You ran up to Levi squealing and giving him a hug, leaning over slightly of corse. Now had it been anyone else Levi would've scolded them and sent them to work. But, you were special. You have known Levi since he came from the underground, in fact you were one of his first friends from the corps. You both tried to comfort the other when they lost someone on the field, and you also congratulated the other when they were promoted to a squad leader. You could brag that you were the only one who saw him smile ever. One thing was for sure, you had both grown mentally and physically through the years. One of the most prominent examples was you. You not only grew to be about a head's length taller than him, but your chest had also grown a considerable amount. These facts have caused Levi many neck pains to look you in the face.
You pulled away from him giggling and began telling him about your day, and he listened although he seemed like he wasn't. “And see that's why I believe that we
:iconthegrandbell:TheGrandBell 134 5
Lights Out! (Teen!Eren x Busty!Reader) [AU]
“Alright ladies. Let’s figure out who’s sleeping with who tonight.” You, Hanji, Mikasa, Sasha, Ymir, and Krista all sat in a big circle in the girls room.
“I’m sleeping with Mikasa!” you yelled out.
“Aw (first) no fair!”
“Sorry, but I can’t sleep with other people who kick.”
“Oh, well Eren’s gonna be real disappointed in the future,” Sasha teased.
You flushed. “Shut up! I don’t like him! We’re just friends...”
Hanji laughed at you. “Hehehe alright alright. So I’d assume Ymir and Krista are sleeping together-”
“You bet your sweet ass we are!” Ymir yelled with her arm around Krista.
“Right... Well then Mikasa and (first) will be in one bed, and Sasha and I will be in the other.”
“You do realize they’re futons, not actual beds, right (first)?” Mikasa said.
“Whatever. As long as no one kicks me
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 509 90
Attack on Titan: Bertholdt x Busty!Reader - Stuck
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Bertholdt x Busty!Reader
You groan as Hanji tugs on your arm, almost catapulting you out of your seat. You love her with all your heart, but damn if she didn't have the worst timing in the world.
"C'mon~!" she urges, contributing more to the effort of pulling your arm out of its socket.
"I'm busy, Hanji," you inform her, turning your attention back to your computer screen. You had too many projects due and you didn't even procrastinate this time. You've been working for four hours straight, thinking that you're undeserving of a break if half of your work isn't even done.
"You've been busy for the past couple of hours; you need a break!" Hanji drops her head on your shoulder and you have the smallest inkling that she's about to give you the "friends-don't-blow-off-friends" speech. Her glasses give off that creepy glint when her arms lock around your shoulders and her cheek presses against yours.
:iconredsharkrocker18:RedSharkRocker18 309 42
Jean x Tall!Busty!Reader: Birthday and a Beatdown
    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    Jean x Tall!Busty!Reader
    Birthday Beatdown
    “Touch me again. See what happens,” you spat, instantly regretting going to your boyfriend’s local hangout without one of his friends. The plan was to meet up with his friends so you all could surprise him with a party. The place was a restaurant, bar, and arcade all rolled into one, so it was pretty large. It was teeming with delicious smells and people’s excited shouts as they played games and enjoyed each other’s companies. You couldn’t see a familiar face among the many that were present. In your search to find one of your boyfriend’s friends, you had happened to arrive at the wrong party. Just as you were about to text someone for details, you felt eyes on you. Because you
:iconredsharkrocker18:RedSharkRocker18 252 72


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