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True form of the wind

By CheeTree
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The native americans say that the american cheetah was the 'true form of the wind', i had to make a picture :=D

its not my best pic, i still need to work on clouds and overall composition.


~~ So the next day, there was a new creature that walked across the prairie. It was not like anything that had ever been seen before. It had very long and slender legs, and it moved with the flow of the wind itself.. It seemed to float over the ground as it moved. It moved with the wind, and its color was like that of the grass that is cured in the hot summer sun, moving like the same flow of wind in the grass. And the antelope saw it, and he was curious. He had never seen anything like this, so he trotted closer to it. He knew it was so fast whatever it was he could outrun it. And when he got closer, he was able to see, that moving over it's body, were shadows of clouds, always moving, changing it's shape, hard to see. And so he was more curious, and he came closer! And then, it did something he had never heard before! It chirped, like a bird. And as it chirped it raised its head, and it was a white cloud that had lifted it. He had never seen or heard anything like this, this was a four legged, not one of the winged ones. And so he came even closer. And he could smell it. It was the smell of the earth, being driven before a rain storm. Full and rich, and yet, it made his muscles tremble, and he did not know why. And so he came closer! So close, that it could see it's eyes, and it was like looking into the burning fire of the sun itself.

funny how this was drawn during an actual storm!
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I LOVE that this has a story to go with it! That's the best kind of picture am I right? One with a story. :D
Great great job! :hug:
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it doesnt go well with the story, i was just trying to make a wind spirit look mighty and powerful, instead of using the form in the story, so ya, it doesnt go well, i may make a better picture XP
but thank you! and i agree
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I honestly don't think it needs any change! I'm pretty familiar with the story so this is great! Really!
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all cuz of the native americans! they larv their miracinonyx
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Awesome! I love it! And I love the video on youtube! :D
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