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a genus of basal iguanodont dinosaur that lived during the upper cretaceous period in Patagonia, Argentina. discovered by Jorge Calvo and his colleagues. A post-cranial skeleton (a skeleton not including the head) gave little information to Calvo and other scientists. the bones found consisted of a vertebral column, ribs, complete pelvis, sternum, and four thoracic plates.

these plates were thin, only about an inch thick at the thickest, and stretched along the ribcage just as talenkauen had. Due to the thickness of them, they couldn't have been used for defense. a phylogenetic analysis had proven Macroqryphosaurus had been related to talenkauen, who was another bipedal herbivore.

Macrogryphosaurus was twenty feet long and capable of bipedal and quadrupedal movements. and yes i like looking up this stuff! :D
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wow. i couldnt find these dinosaurs anywhere else except for the list of dinosaurs on Wikipedia!
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strange. that's where i saw this one! i bet one out of five hundred people know what these are.
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im makin 1 about a brachyceratops soon!