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My Bio
JP Ronny, a person who exists.

I really enjoy drawing pixel art, especially bright, cutesy anime-esque stuff. I'll probably base a lot of my stuff on unlicenced/bootleg video games as that sort of thing fascinates me more than anything. In fact, my username is taken from an obscure unlicenced game that you should probably check out if you can.

Favourite interests:
Music - I got into this as much as I did mainly so I could drown out my brother's constant moaning while he plays CS: GO or Dota 2 or whatever. I can listen to practically any genre apart from most country, non-melodic death metal and dubstep. I mainly listen to pop and classic rock more than anything though.
Video games - Retro ones in particular. The most recent system I play at all is the Wii U (PC notwithstanding); I can't be bothered with anything else from the past couple of generations because of all the nonsense that goes on with gaming in general as of late.

:thumb267278119: Stamp - I Listen to Obscure Video Game Soundtracks by Rage-DSSViper-Sigma :thumb263676945: :thumb263677141: :thumb263677358:

Favourite Games
Too many to list, but generally speaking I'd say 3D platformers, FPSes, racing games and action puzzle games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PSX, but SNES, Mega Drive, NES, PS2, Gamecube and Dreamcast are awesome as well
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint and a mouse
Other Interests
Talking when I get the opportunity
Hello! :D I managed to get a new drawing done a few days ago based on another drawing that got RT'd to me. I hope one day I'm able to draw something entirely from scratch with that level of detail, although it's cool to be able to do something like that at all if I'll be honest. I am a bit concerned that I was told that's lewd though, I didn't really think it was. Like, I'm kind of wary about drawing that kind of stuff in general even though it's allowed on the site. I feel like my lack of knowledge on stuff like anatomy is holding me back somewhat in terms of what I want to draw. Like, whenever I try to draw a person I always end up drawin
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Hello and happy (not quite so) new year to everyone! :dummy: I've been up to some RL stuff in the past month. Since I finished my temp job at Christmas I've been looking for work so with any luck I'll have something soon enough. I had to sell my car as it's becoming way too expensive to run, so I'm hoping I can get another at some point. Thankfully I'll be getting my money back off my insurance at least. Hopefully I'll be able to drive in my parents' cars in the meantime. In terms of games, I haven't done as much as of late. I feel like I'm even more jaded with current gaming than I was before to the extent that I might just quit playing th
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I'd just like to start by wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :) I do apologise for the lack of activity on here as of late. I've been busy with a temp job which has now finished so I'm hoping that once Christmas is over I can get back to normal and do more drawings. It feels nice not having to go to bed at 9PM, having to work at 4AM really sucks. :faint: Anyway, I'm not sure whether it'd be the best idea to try and draw to the standard of my more recent stuff or just draw anything that comes to mind. I've seen some people who can doodle some pretty awesome stuff with just the basic tools (both digital and traditional) a
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Happy Birthday!
Aww, thank you! :hug: