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BB's Narrow Blue Lagoon



Name: BB's Narrow Blue Lagoon
Nickname: Blue
Gender: Mare
Breed: KWPN (Royal Dutch Sports Horse) 
Height: 1.60m 
Year of birth + letter: 2018 (N)
Age: 2
Owner: Lilith Higgins
Rider/Handler: Lilith Higgins

Colour: Seal bay 
Markings: Blaze, 2 socks
Genotype: Ee/A+A+
Breeding status: Fertile :bulletred: closed
Slots for breeding:
    1. Mine
    2. Mine 
    3. Open 
    4. Open 
    5. Open    

Temperament: To work with she's a calm and well mannered horse. She loves to work and communicate with people. However she's not the smartest horse in figuring out aids. She needs a lot of training before she can actually succeed in something. She does try the hardest and will not harm or do wrong on purpose. She's not an animal horse, where she will rather spend her time alone. She bites and kicks other animals and can't be left alone with children. She has issues with trusting strangers, but when offered a good cuddle and some treats she will be nice. 

Quirks/Other info: 
Strongly dislikes animals 
Doesn't want to be dirty
Absolute drama queen 
Can spend hours being washed or brushed 


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown 
----------------- SS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown 
Sire: BB's Morning Rain
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown 
----------------- SD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown 
Dam: BB's Tormentina
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 

Stats at birth
Gaits: 58/100
Jumping: 63/100
Intelligence: 65/100
Stamina: 73/100
Speed: 57/100

Discipline: Eventing (Jumping + Intelligence + Stamina + Speed)
Tack: Tack
BB's Gladys Tormentina 1
BB's Hello Morning Rain 1


Groundwork 100/100

Under saddle 0/100


Show entries 
1.4: I won't leave you lonely 14 + 2 Experience (4th place)

1.3: Arrival 16
2.1: Results are in 14
2.7: Can we keep him? (Artbid) 11
2.3: Spring events 9

Total Art Points: 66
Experience earned: 2
Rank: Novice
Reference links 
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Horse life Randomizer 
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Genetics chart
Point system 
Trophy Board
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