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2.5: Can we keep him? (Artbid)

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Story (634 words): 
Foaling season had finally come to an end and Rose Garden Stables had found themselves with three wonderful foals. Luke van Nuysenburg, who used to come to the stables only for health checkups, became a resident. He had been asked to do some of the grooming and help Lilith out in the stables. To Margaret, he was the perfect man to have around. He is quite the handyman and he would protect her daughter, no matter what. Luke and Lilith had known each other since forever and their passion for horses stuck them together like glue. 

Both Lilith and Luke had the future project of raising a foal. Blue, freshly in the stables, and Summer, freshly born. Blue had been a family foal at the Blue bird's ranch. Unfortunately they couldn't keep their horses at their house anymore, but stalling three horses was too much for them. Lilith had taken on the little foal and cared for her ever since. Summer, whose parents are unknown, was quite the handful. Both foals stabeled apart, neighed the whole day. When travelling together, they had bonded enough to be considered a future pairing. 

They took out the foals every single day and let them run around in the fields. They would always come back and it was too much fun to stand there and watch. It kept Luke and Lilith together in a way that had the mothers talk. Especially the ones that had their children go for riding lessons. Looking at the prospects, and what they were supposed to turn out to, Lilith reminded Luke about the endurance section. Endurance had never been a big deal to either of them, it wasn't even a competition and they had never seen one. However, as the discipline became bigger and bigger, they found a new passion. 

'How awesome would it be, to just ride off together and be on a trail for hours?' He had asked her.
'I don't know.. we have no horses for this kind of thing? Summer and Blue are not made to be endurance horses.' 
He shrugged at her answer. It was her way of thinking in problems, not opportunity. 
'What if we both get a foal? 0. Clean slate. We can train them to be endurance horses, if we breed right?' 
'But.. my mom-' 
'Let me fix that.' he interrupted her, his grin making her feel uneasy. 

She had looked and looked for the perfect pairing but none seemed to fit. Until she read an article that described the perfect horse. He loved the outdoors, mud and would do well on any terrain. At only 4 months old, he wouldn't have had any training and she could just get him used to the things he would need to know. His parents both quick paced horses, never professionally used in anything.
'Guys, I think I found one!' She could barely hide her enthusiasm when she showed them the picture. Her mom had told her not to get another horse, as she already had 2 that needed work. 
'What a little sweetie. He looks amazing and so adorable.' 
Luke only made eyecontact and she knew just about enough. 

'What do you think of this one, Lil?' He showed her a picture of a warmblood-type horse. He had lovely markings on his shoulder and his face had the most adorable eyes. 
'What horse is that? He looks almost arabian ish.' 
'It's a Bengalo, they are practically made for endurance.'
'I looove his colour though. I'd say check it out and see how he does.'
'How wonderful would it be, to see all four foals run around in the field.. the way we do now with Blue and Summer?' 

Lilith thought about it and the more she did, the clearer the vision of the four youngsters became. 

Information for the artbid 
Horse name: Orthello en Crinalvo 
Year of birth: 2019
Age: 3 months 
Gender: Stallion 
Breed: Bengalo Thoroughbred
Owner: Luke von Nuysenburg
Rider/ handler: Luke von Nuysenburg

Colour: Silver blue roan 
Markings: Tobiano 
Genotype: EE/aa/Zz/Rr/nT
Breeding status: Closed :bulletred: 

Discipline: Endurance 
Character: Very playful stallion who loves nature, animals and all types of weather. Loves to run and has great physical condition. Very well mannered in most situations, except when it comes to birds. 
Quirks: Hates apples, there are definitely monsters on trails sometimes, BIRDS PISS HIM OFF, equine trashcan who will eat anything he comes across (including leadropes etc.), very sensitive in his mouth, seperation anxiety when it comes to Ollie and Luke.

Points this image 
Horses (left to right): 
BB's Narrow Blue Lagoon: 1 year old seal bay mare 
On A Warm Summer's Day: 5 month old chestnut stallion
Orthello en Crinalvo (design): 3 month old silver blue roan tobiano stallion 
RGS Olympic Glory: 4 month old chestnut tobiano stallion

Flat coloured full body

(semi) background +2
Story 500-800 words +3


Sky By chocolateir-stock 
Field By raindroppe 
Grassy Field By FoxStox 
Running By linka064 
Km Foal buckskin canter side view By Chunga-Stock 
JA Arab yearling extended trot side view By Chunga-Stock 
Austrian Warmblood Foal_7 By CalyHoney 
Custom Bengalo OPEN for art By TerracottaVulture 
The pose and colour go to the respective owners of the reference pictures. 
The image and characters are full copyright to CheeseDraws (ME) 

Other info
Time taken: around 4 hours 
Program: Photoshop CS6 master edition
Tablet: Wacom Intuos medium

I wasn't planning on bringing on another horse.. and then I saw the design and I just had to put out an art bid (granted I was persuaded by TerracottaVulture :XD:) so here is a little story on how he would fit into my stables and storyline. He would be perfect! Let's hope that he will be mine :D 
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