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For a couple of days, she had watched the email. They had gone home right after the show not able to wait for the results. The farm couldn't keep itself and with a few more horses at home, they decided that would be best. 

'Honey, are you refreshing the mailbox again?' Her father's voice trailed behind her as he walked past. She let out a little groan when the inbox showed up empty. 'Have some patience, Trish, they'll send it eventually.' She stood up and walked towards him,'I know, but I want them to have placed. They did so well for their first show out and away.' She poured some tea into her cup and shuffled back to the sofa. 'Just get some rest and if you're up for it, come to the stables and get that silly mare of yours into her stall.' She couldn't help but laugh, sending her straight into a coughing fit again. Trina had been the absolute worst to get into her stall lately, except when Trish led her. 'I will put Trina in, don't worry about it.' 

After she had warmed up, she bundled herself in a couple of layers and managed to go out to the stables without slipping. It had been snowing for a while now and a good few centimeters gathered on the ground. The flu settled in her body as it was too busy keeping warm. The horses didn't get any work in, apart from some walking around and lunging. She let out a whistle and the bay mare came trotting towards her. 'Lord, put your tail down Trina, you're not an Arabian.' She smiled and stroked the horse's head. 'You're one silly mare.' She put on the halter and lead the horse back to the stalls. The mare prancing around and trying to buck. 'Quit it!' She said firmly. The mare responded by trotting proudly next to her. 

'DAD! The results are in, come down!' The excitement couldn't be hidden from her voice as she called up the stairs. She waited, quite impatiently, for her dad to finally come downstairs. She clicked on the email and read the bit of text. 'They placed fourth! Dad they placed!' Marcel hugged his daughter's shoulders from behind and hesitantly told her, 'Honey, 4th place isn't a podium spot. They didn't technically place.' She laughed, 'At least they still get their points when they place 4th, so in my eyes they placed.' 

'What colour ribbon is fourth place again dad?' She already went up on the site to order a ribbon, they wouldn't get one from the show and she needed it for the trophy room. 'Blue!' He called out before shutting the door. She smiled to herself, what a coincidence. She picked up her phone to call her best friend, to let her know what an absolutely amazing baby she had. 

Points this image
Foal: BB's Narrow Blue Lagoon
Stallion: BB's Hello Morning Rain 

* Flatcoloured half body

* (Semi) detailed shading 3
* Tack 2
* (Semi) background 2
* 300-500 word story 2

Total: 14 

Seal Brown Warmblood Foal Portrait I by LuDa-Stock 
Black Beauty Warmblood Stock by LuDa-Stock 
The pose and colour go to the respective owners of the reference pictures. 
The image and characters are full copyright to CheeseDraws (ME) 

Other info
Time taken: around 3 hours 
Program: Photoshop CS6 master edition
Tablet: Wacom Intuos medium

Just a little quick painting to show off the nice ribbons and the pons that did the good work. 
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