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1.4: I won't leave you lonely (4th place)



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Story: (344) 
Music: I won't leave you lonely - Shania Twain 

As they walk the horses to the ring, they have the rope halters only attached on one side. Making it easy to loosen the halters right before the show. This had the effect that Rain walks around panicky with Marcel talking to him sweetly. Rain didn’t handle himself well, especially not when something is off. Very nice for ridden shows, not so nice for handling. Blue however, was handling herself really well. She has never been at a show before but she seems to love the attention and looks. Prancing around next to Trischa, in hopes that everyone would look.

‘Dad, how’s Rain doing?’ She called back to her dad. ‘Not well, not well at all.’ His voice sounded strained from trying to hold the stallion close to him. Being the thunderball that he is, if he got loose, he would destroy everything on his path. Trischa walks back to her dad, guiding Blue towards her dad. ‘Maybe this works?’ She puts Blue right next to Rain. ‘Steady girl, time to show daddy how it is done.’ The little filly stood, head high and her ears pricked. She had her feet square and just looked at her dad. The stallion, curious, sniffs the top of her head and lets out a faint neigh. ‘Good boy,’ Trischa tells the stallion. ‘It seems to work, at least a little.’ Marcel looks at his daughter and marvels at the brilliance and horsemanship the girl comes up with sometimes.

 ‘Malone?’ A stranger calls up to them, giving them a signal to come forward.

 ‘Yes we are.’

‘Alright, it’s your time to shine.’

They let the horses free in the arena and the music comes on. The horses stand there at first, a little unsure of themselves. Then when Blue decides she is being watched, she takes off and Rain anxiously follows her. He stays close to her the whole song and it actually fits the title quite well. Trischa and Marcel, close to one another, stand and watch their horses play around in the snow. What a picture. 

Points this image
Foal: BB's Narrow Blue Lagoon
Stallion: BB's Hello Morning Rain 

* Flatcoloured full body 6
* (Semi) Detailed shading 3
* (Semi) Background 2
* 300-500 word story 2 
* Show 1

Show earnings -
* 4th Place! 2

Total: 14 + 2 experience

Felon Stock 10 by GloomWriter
Horse Mane Braid by LuDa-Stock
Brey 24 by aka-horse-stock
Ivano stock 56 by Bundy-Stock
Freejumping Championship 2014_199 by CalyHoney
Roses by 101gleek101
Roses by WadeInTheWater

The pose and colour go to the respective owners of the reference pictures. 
The image and characters are full copyright to CheeseDraws (ME) 

Other info
Time taken: around 9 hours 
Program: Photoshop CS6 master edition
Tablet: Wacom Intuos medium
Speedpaint (foal only):

Welp. I hate the rest of the drawing, but the foal is kind of cute. I got really frustrated with the second horse and I decided to leave it as is to keep my mood up around drawing. Not everything can be a masterpiece. 
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Looking so gorgeous !