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I am currently getting ready for AC, because it wouldn't be a convention if I was not getting ready for it last minute!

This weekend I took the terrible "follow-me" eyes, so Cheesebeagle suit will look a bit different by the next time you see it. I'm switching to more tooney eyes and am expecting them to better fit the character.

With some luck, I will finish the following "tune-ups" for the beagle suit:
+ New eyes
+ New lips
+ New hand paws
+ New pockets (yes my suit has pockets)
+ Fixing the legs so they look digigrade

The objective is to re-vamp the suit so that I can keep the beagle character going while working on a goat character for next year. Plus he's due for some updates since I've learned a ton about building suits since building him several years ago.

As far as Anthrocon, I will have a full fursuiting schedule:
+ Hosting a Fursuit Performance panel that includes improv exercises. Anthrocon even gave me a bigger room this year, so you should go there at 3pm because it's going to be fun, I promise!
+ Fursuit Masquerade - Watch our skit, where we attempt to create our own Shakespearean play!
+ Fursuit Games - Watch me most likely maybe not cheat.
+ Fursuit Parade
+ General fursuiting

Who all is going? Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wolffy42 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015   Traditional Artist
I did go I was hanging around with yena hyena . I unfortunately did not make it to your panel but if you're doing it next year I will most definitely be interested in going im trying to improve my character.
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