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I am currently getting ready for AC, because it wouldn't be a convention if I was not getting ready for it last minute!

This weekend I took the terrible "follow-me" eyes, so Cheesebeagle suit will look a bit different by the next time you see it. I'm switching to more tooney eyes and am expecting them to better fit the character.

With some luck, I will finish the following "tune-ups" for the beagle suit:
+ New eyes
+ New lips
+ New hand paws
+ New pockets (yes my suit has pockets)
+ Fixing the legs so they look digigrade

The objective is to re-vamp the suit so that I can keep the beagle character going while working on a goat character for next year. Plus he's due for some updates since I've learned a ton about building suits since building him several years ago.

As far as Anthrocon, I will have a full fursuiting schedule:
+ Hosting a Fursuit Performance panel that includes improv exercises. Anthrocon even gave me a bigger room this year, so you should go there at 3pm because it's going to be fun, I promise!
+ Fursuit Masquerade - Watch our skit, where we attempt to create our own Shakespearean play!
+ Fursuit Games - Watch me most likely maybe not cheat.
+ Fursuit Parade
+ General fursuiting

Who all is going? Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What did you get me? What did you get me? *wags tail*

That's alright, I don't need anything. But I did get one of the best birthday cards that I have ever received from my nephews. It's a "Your baptism is the beginning of a whole new life with Jesus" card with "baptism" crossed out and replaced with "birthday". Inside it says, and I quote: "The store was out of birthday cards. It was either this or the 'I accept your open gayness' card".

I have trained my nephews well, apparently. Though I'm not gay. lol

What's the best b-day card or gift you ever got?
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Hey all,

My next Ustream session will be this Sunday, (Jan 16th), around 7 or 8pm Eastern. We are going to change the format a bit. The new format for the Furry Comedy Hour is as follows:

15-20 minutes of Requests from Audience
30-40 minutes of Improv Skits, including Props
15-30 minutes of Fursuit gaming, with us playing Just Dance

So it will be roughly an hour with some sections being shorter or longer depending how it is going.

Fursuiters participating:
Harp the Red Panda
Royce the Walrus
My Neighbor in a suit (if we can convince her again!)

The Ustream will be available at:…

Also want to highlight my favorite artist, :icontigristhelynx:, who just recently got a new tablet and is offering cheap portrait commissions. She's a really great artist and she definitely needs the cash right now, so check her out. Mention the Cheesebeagle and get $1 off your commission.
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Getting ready to head to FurFright! I still need to finish getting my costume ready and will post a pic here before I go if I have the chance.

Also hoping this is the last time I have to use my current beagle head at a convention. It is definitely showing signs of age. Some of it can be fixed, but the head is too big and I know I can do better. In the mean time, I made some updates inside of the head so it fits better, it is lighter, and the jaw moves better.

I am totally psyched, though. Furfright on Halloween should be awesome. Plus I get to room with two of the best people in the world, Furio and my mate Tigris.

If you are going to be at the convention, let me know so we can plan to meet up. Otherwise, be on the lookout for the Cheesebeagle!

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Update: You all are awesome - Thanks for joining us while we were having fun!

Fursuiters will be on ustream at 8:30pm eastern tonight!

Special guests:

Royce Cobblepot (Walrus)
My neighbor (in Cheesebeagle!)
Romeo Red Panda
Tigris the Feline Dragon
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Just wanted to update everyone that the next Cheesebeagle Live will NOT be this evening. Some people could not make it and I had a friend in town that I haven't seen for 10 years and blah blah blah. Stop yelling at me inside your brains. Anyway, the new date to put on your calendars is

September 25, 2010 - 8:30pm.

It's more dramatic when it's on it's own line.

So that is what is going on. You'll have a beagle, a walrus, and possibly a host of other characters that you can have them do whatever you ask via the live Ustream session.

Current requests for suiters:
+ Have a Suiter try to do the Thriller! - ChesireFeline
+ Try to ride a robot unicorn - ChesireFeline

I will put a reminder out when it gets closer because if you are like me, you have a 5 second attention span and thinking out 2 weeks is well beyond my capacity. But that might just be me. I like cheese.

Oh, but you know what will keep you cheesy? That doesn't even make sense. Nevermind. So I will be posting more pictures online because I had a request from Ziggy to do so and I have a picture response for Jerry. So prepare yourself for pictures! Yay.

That is all. *tail wags*
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the turnout for the last episode of Cheesebeagle Live. Thanks to Harp the red panda for being my first guest. Highlights are available online at:…

For anyone that wanted to submit video responses to my super spin challenge, I'm going to be working on compiling them into a short video on Labor Day. However, if you are unable to submit by then, I would need submissions no later than Thursday, September 9th. Just let me know.

The next Live Ustream session looks like it will be Saturday, September 11th and starting at either 8 or 9pm. This date and time is tentative, but I will provide an update as it gets closer.

Right now it looks like I may have 2-4 guests in fursuit ready to take your requests for what you would like to see them do. One of these guests may include my neighbor, who is interested in trying my fursuit on again.

So tell me, what would you want to see a fursuiter do live?
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Last month's stream went so well, I have decided to do it again. Highlights from last month can be seen here:…

Tonight I will be filming again live at 9pm Eastern at the following URL. In addition to myself, Harp the Red Panda will also be taking requests from you as to what you want us to do:…

Not going to be able to make it tonight? No problem. Enter your requests for us to do in the comments area below.

Update: Streaming complete. It was fun. Thanks all!
So I have a beagle suit and I have a camera, so why not have some fun online? From 9:30pm until whenever, I will be in my fursuit.

What will I be doing? Basically whatever you want me to.

So 9:30pm tonight. Be there. Arf!

UPDATE: That was fun. Thanks all!
So I have two new videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first video demonstrates what happens when you take your neighbor, who you have met recently and is not a fur, and put her in your fursuit. Turns out she's a natural! That's right, count that as one more to the furry side. *insert evil laugh here*…

The second video is me in my beagle fursuit at the bowling alley. Find out why I don't like ceiling tiles and why I had to spend the whole next day cleaning wax from the bowling lanes off of my fur.…
I'll cya there, debuting my new full suit!

Anyone else going?
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Hey all,

So I have been working on more videos for Youtube and there will plenty to come. The latest videos star the Cheesebeagle, Harp the Red Panda, Corn Husky (Wally Wolf), Digeri Dingo going. We decided to run around the top of a mountain (Pilot Point) in North Carolina. Highlights include talking to a park ranger, me climbing a fence on a ledge to be taller than Digeri, a shadow fight, and a little prank I played on the Corn Husky.

Part 1:…

Part 2 (most funny):…

Also, you can check out the other Furst Friday videos of us that weekend, including fursuit mini golf and a romp around town, at:…


Upcoming Conventions:

I will definitely be at Anthrocon this year and am working on having a full body suit ready for the convention. I have the white fur body suit sewed together but I need to add the patterns, a zipper, and trim the fur. Not sure if you guys would want to see progress shots or not.

I will also be at FurFright this year. Having FurFright on Halloween was too perfect of an opportunity to pass up. I'm definitely psyched.

After that, it's a crapshoot really. FC is probably going to be a bit too expensive for me to get out to, but we'll see if I can fit anything in before next AC.

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There are two new videos available for you, where I am playing with some props.

The Letter B: Part 1:…

Part 2:…

Hope you enjoy them. Still playing around with different fursuit video ideas. Let me know if you are interested in seeing another set of videos like this?
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Now that I'm starting to get my Cheesebeagle fursuit account in order, I will be posting some videos of my antics on Youtube.

So what happens when you lock a Beagle in doors when you get more than 24 inches of snow outside? He has to go out and play. Beagle vs. Snow - Who will win?

Find out:…
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Hello there,

I decided I should provide a brief background for those not familiar with Provo, the Cheese Beagle.

When I first came into the furry fandom, I chose the name Provo. I later learned that Provo was close enough to "Provolone" such that I started getting called "Cheese", "Cheese Beagle", "Cheese Bagel", and other cheese related names. It did not hep when people realized how much Parmesan cheese I like to put on my pizza, pasta, and subs.

At first I tried countering this by saying I was "Notta Cheese", but eventually I gave in and the term "Cheese Beagle" has stuck for my Beagle character. I decided the nickname fits the playful nature of his character and that making people smile is the most important thing.

Provo the Beagle refers to my main character and I do consider it to be my fursona. However, I have fursuited as other characters and will be building some of the other characters I have come up with in the future. I will include these on this account as well as "Cheesebeagle and Friends". My focus is to first build a bodysuit and re-do the head on Provo, but other characters I plan to build include a blue salamander, a goat, and a bunny. :)

I have been to numerous anthro conventions and have been fursuiting for over 3 years now. My next conventions will be Further Confusion, Anthrocon, and FurFright.

I have had the opportunity to be in a paw-full or two of skits at conventions, most recently playing Underdog:… and…

So that's who Provo the Cheesebeagle is! Arf!
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I am just setting up shop here and will need some time to get everything in order. Explanations of what and who the Cheese Beagle is will be forthcoming. Long story short, I like to doodle and I like to romp around in a fursuit with my girlfriend. Great times are had by all.

Thanks for stopping by. Will talk to you later.
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