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An assignment for class.  Part two should be coming soon!
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charlie-smith's avatar
the mood is awesome i love how stylized this is.
pockyy's avatar
this is wonderful, super charming from the way you stylized the environment to the boy and dog! I love how you paint ms. cheepers!!
cheepers's avatar
AH POCKY thank you so much!!  I'm flattered!  
turnipsss's avatar
What a gorgeous environment AND I LOVE THE DOG ;-;<3
cheepers's avatar
hhaha thank you!  Dog seems to be a fan favorite :P
Louivi's avatar
Super cute characters, and what a beautifully serene atmosphere to go with them. <3 Loving the shrubbery and strong light too!
cheepers's avatar
Thanks so much!  It was a lot of fun to work on and I'm happy with the result.  :)
scrii's avatar
this is so lovely, i love the colours and the lighting!! all those plants look lovely too, all those round shapes really add to the warm feeling 
cheepers's avatar
Aw thanks!  I'm glad you like it :P  You're right about the round shapes!  It wasn't actually intentional but it works ahah
foxtribe's avatar
BEAUTIFUL composition and use of color! This reeks of talent!!
cheepers's avatar
AH thanks so much! @.@
Lynxspots's avatar
Ohhh gosh this is really well done. I love that design for the dog, I haven't seen one like that before! And I really love the colours and your style of painting backgrounds. It looks like pro concept art for an animated film! 
cheepers's avatar
Oh man thank you very much!  It was actually meant to be promo art for a mock game.  The whole thing would make more sense if I had finished the companion piece but I didn't get to it yet.  Eventually though!  Basic concept is normal world vs. world through kid's imagination.  So the companion one was supposed to be all scary and have a big bridge troll.  I DIGRESS THOUGH.  Thanks very much, it was lots of fun!

And the dog is a beagle/basset mix heh I thought they were pretty cute doggies.
Unh0ly0ffspring's avatar
Omg that is so cute, your back grounding skills are marvelous, very nice work~ 
cheepers's avatar
Thank you very much!  I've been trying to get better at them these last few months.
Unh0ly0ffspring's avatar
Lol, better then I can do, I promise you~
pearlls's avatar
I love that palette and those textures, man! i'm a sucker for those kinds of plants.
cheepers's avatar
Thanks!  All the brushes are from Kyle's brushpack here

Ah yeah the heart shaped ones??  I love them too. There's a bunch that grow on my campus and they're so cute.
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