Spread the Cheeks 2008 artbook (SOLD OUT)
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Howdy, gang! (update: 4 September 2010)

My 2008 artbook Spread the Cheeks is officially sold out.  Thank you so much for your continuous support by watching out for my work.  I wouldn't be the artist I am without you.
Warmest regards-



I have just gotten my book in.  I gotta hand it to you, folks.... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your emails, notes, IM's and etc regarding my books.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I have been lagging on returning emails this year.  Work has really taken its' toll on me.  In between the hectic schedule of the hustle and bustle I tried hard to make this book special for you all, and I hope the wait is worth it.

Now, just a recap on the book:
The book is hardback, landscaped, full color, and 76pgs.  The going price on this puppy is $25 for those buying it at the con.

What are its' contents you ask?  Good question.
To start off I made sure there were plenty of before and after sketches to final drawings.  A mixture of pin-ups, character design tests, character designs, rough comic book page layouts, cleaned up comic book pages, some fun personal urban drawings, and covers. WHEW..... Like I said, I wanted to make sure there was more variety in this year's book.

Can people attending ONLY the conventions aquire the books?  Nope.  The book is available for EVERYONE.  :)  I will be selling the books only through myself this year.  

Ordering info for the book is:

-1 book: $28(book)+ $8(shipping) = $36
-2 books: $56(book)+ $11(shipping) = $67

-1 book: $28(book)+ $14(shipping) = $42
-2 books: $56(book)+ $17(shipping) = $73

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

Wanna see some photos?  Here's some glances in it.  Please forgive the photos quality.  I'm definitely not a photographer.  I think I'll leave that up to Peter Parker.  :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Aight... time to close this journal out.....

Luff ya,


My lil brother :iconkeggo:

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Any possible chance you might have some more books on order? Would love to get one of your books.... Your style is awesome!
MazAdamsArt's avatar
MazAdamsArtProfessional Traditional Artist
Can I still order one of these from you?
MazAdamsArt's avatar
MazAdamsArtProfessional Traditional Artist
Can i still get one of these badboys with a headsketch?
Saad-ARTO's avatar
Saad-ARTOProfessional Digital Artist
Hi! I too would like to create my book drawing. But I do not know where to go to achieve it. I ask you or you will realize how ...
Thank you very much
Ggsoulsister's avatar
GgsoulsisterProfessional Filmographer
I love the girl!
kragf's avatar
buy your books please!
I wanted to 2 buy your two books: $56(book)+ $11(shipping) = $67 via paypal, but wanted to confirm I could get it before the 24th! Is it possible? Lemme know ASAP so I can get it going! There's no feature here to purchase; How do I go about making the buy?

Plus; can you do one commission of a girl character that I could email you the sketch of, and email it to me before Christmas? In color would be great, 6 characters would actually be better, and simply emailing the digital file would be fine, just let me know on the price and if it's even do-able for you. They are characters that my brother and sister are working on and they truly enjoy your art (as do I) and it really would blow their minds to see you doing them.

Happy Holidays Mr. Sean Galloway, you do good stuff (your Space Ace and Incredibles are awesome and you need to be doing AVATAR!)

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folkensamaProfessional Filmographer
Hi, I just sent you a Paypal Payment for your 1st artbook.
All I have to do is to wait???

Duranrivera's avatar
When I'm in NYC, and I go to the comic shop Jim Haleys universe I go straight to the back where some independent books are and check to see if there's any new stuff from you! The Wolverine is sick! lol would like to see that character in a cartoon.
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god bless you
cheeks-74's avatar
cheeks-74 General Artist
God Bless you, too, my friend.
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TheoryGarciaProfessional Filmographer
awesome stuff, man thats great work you are very talented. i'm going to buy me two books. by the way where did you get your books made, if you dont mind me asking?
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nirman Digital Artist
I've been trying to achieve agility in the characters or figure I draw... y'know motion and smooth movements and stuff... like YOURS.... but boy i know how i fail big time !!

Ur drawings are worth the book made and put for everyone to enjoy!!
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spiers84Professional Digital Artist
Hi, Do you still have any books left?
orang3belas's avatar
nice..love it..keep it up..
NotoriousALv's avatar
NotoriousALvStudent General Artist
im a big fan of your artwork man.. i really want to get the book. i wonder how much it cost for shipping to indonesia
TienChiArt's avatar
TienChiArtProfessional Digital Artist
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JasonMartenProfessional General Artist
CHEEKS!!!! long time watcher, first of many stupid questions. Okay how you get the book man? I have the funds, crave the works, need the outlet to get the goods dude! lol. ok seriously, hope you at ww texas and how do I order the art book?

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cheeks-74 General Artist
Yo Jay! Thank you, bud! It's all explained in my new post. If you have more questions let me know, bud.
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Ixyra Digital Artist
Saw you there :D I actually gave you a hug :P

You really inspired me :) If I had the money I would buy your book XD I know thats just what you want to hear, but, it was awesome seeing you there :D
cheeks-74's avatar
cheeks-74 General Artist
it was good seeing you. :) thank you for cruising by the table! hope to see ya next year. :)
Ixyra's avatar
Ixyra Digital Artist
Oh goodness you reply!

Jee. I feel honored.

I will see you next year for sure! :D
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MetalFrogProfessional Interface Designer
Would love to get my hands on this. I'll be checking for the post about ordering it. :D
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pinguinoProfessional Digital Artist
i saw you for a second as the spiderman panel started but i couldn't stay for it. hope it went well. your artbook looks awesome.
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taipohProfessional Digital Artist
"What's the crackalackin' crackalackin' crackalackin'" :XD:
Oh dear, I see new stuffs! Wheres my moneys when I needs it. D:
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