Spread the Cheeks 2008 artbook (SOLD OUT)

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Howdy, gang! (update: 4 September 2010)

My 2008 artbook Spread the Cheeks is officially sold out.  Thank you so much for your continuous support by watching out for my work.  I wouldn't be the artist I am without you.
Warmest regards-



I have just gotten my book in.  I gotta hand it to you, folks.... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your emails, notes, IM's and etc regarding my books.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I have been lagging on returning emails this year.  Work has really taken its' toll on me.  In between the hectic schedule of the hustle and bustle I tried hard to make this book special for you all, and I hope the wait is worth it.

Now, just a recap on the book:
The book is hardback, landscaped, full color, and 76pgs.  The going price on this puppy is $25 for those buying it at the con.

What are its' contents you ask?  Good question.
To start off I made sure there were plenty of before and after sketches to final drawings.  A mixture of pin-ups, character design tests, character designs, rough comic book page layouts, cleaned up comic book pages, some fun personal urban drawings, and covers. WHEW..... Like I said, I wanted to make sure there was more variety in this year's book.

Can people attending ONLY the conventions aquire the books?  Nope.  The book is available for EVERYONE.  :)  I will be selling the books only through myself this year.  

Ordering info for the book is:

-1 book: $28(book)+ $8(shipping) = $36
-2 books: $56(book)+ $11(shipping) = $67

-1 book: $28(book)+ $14(shipping) = $42
-2 books: $56(book)+ $17(shipping) = $73

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

Wanna see some photos?  Here's some glances in it.  Please forgive the photos quality.  I'm definitely not a photographer.  I think I'll leave that up to Peter Parker.  :P

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Aight... time to close this journal out.....

Luff ya,


My lil brother :iconkeggo:

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Any possible chance you might have some more books on order? Would love to get one of your books.... Your style is awesome!