Kuta Art Card Contest **DEADLINE: JUNE 2nd **

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**DEADLINE: JUNE 2nd ** @ 6pm

Howdy, howdy, folks!

The Kuta vinyl toy is getting really near.  Thank you all for your preorders and emails about the product.  From the looks of the schedule, I should have the shipment in my possession 2 weeks before San Diego Comicon.  

That being said... Who's interested in being part of the Kuta vinyl contest?
I've asked several of my close friends, and peers to draw a Kuta card, but I kept one spot open for the winner/YOU, of this contest, to be included in the line-up of cards that comes inside the box.  

It'll be like the art cards you see in DVD boxsets for cartoons.

Reference: </strong>Bastion's 7 REFERENCE

The specifics:


*The dimensions should be 4.25 x 5.5.  

*All art is to be 300 dpi resolution.

*You can draw it either vertically or horizontally.

*Entries can be digital files, but can also be done traditional.  
But the end result needs to be a digital file.

*The card is to feature Kuta.  However, if you want to include other characters from the Bastion's 7 universe on the card, then feel free to go crazy!!

*You can post the entries in your galleries, but be sure to paste the link here in the journal, so we can all peep it.

I'll make the decision of the winner within 2 weeks.  The winner will also have the opportunity to include their bio because I'll be putting it on the back of the card.

Good luck!!!

Oh... and I thought you might get a kick seeing how the box looks.  :D
Big thank you to Leonardo Olea for preparing it for me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Contestant Entries:

</strong>DA Kuta Art Card Entries




</strong>Mike Weaver 1

</strong>Mike Weaver 2

</strong>Virtual Barata

</strong>Ian Navarro 1

</strong>Ian Navarro 2

</strong>Rob E 1

</strong>Rob E's son 1



</strong>Sugartastic D Slim

</strong>Draw Monkey 1

</strong>Mike Boldt


</strong>Crazy Piranha 1

</strong>Crazy Piranha 2

</strong>Paul Robot Cunha


</strong>Rob Reilly is a


</strong>Oscar Rosales


Updated blogger peeps entries

26 May 2009

(Be sure to check the collection folder I created for all the DA entries, gang)

</strong>Draw Monkey 2

</strong>Bibouse 1

</strong>Bibouse 2 with his girlfriend's colors

</strong>Ian Navarro 3

</strong>Henry Diaz

</strong>das chupa


28 May 2009  

</strong>Mathieu Reynès

</strong>Corey Breen


</strong>Oliver Meinerding

</strong>Josh Frost

</strong>Carlos Sanchez

(Be sure to check the collection folder I created for all the DA entries, gang)

2 June 2009  

</strong>Sandra Loke


</strong>das chupa2

</strong>das chupa3






</strong>Chris Boyd


</strong>Jarrod Gecek

</strong>Mel Maccan

(Be sure to check the collection folder I created for all the DA entries, gang)

Luff ya,


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Who won this contest I mad I'm like 3 years late I was doing my rough just now lol, all plannin to win and everything lol I might finish it though it's pretty tight.
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A last minute entery, I don't know how I missed this one =)
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hey dude... got that Kuta colored... Better late than never.

Sakx's avatar
Here is mine! :D

Wescoast's avatar
MattFranklin's avatar
ok so this one is my entry to the contest. I hope that you enjoy! wow I really barely made the deadline! HAHA!

Arukun14's avatar
I have another... [link] Hope you like! :) Kuta is kick-ass.
BloodySamoan's avatar
Here is my entry.

Kuta is fun to draw :)

salvagion's avatar
And sliding in barely under the wire...I shouldn't even post it since I want to play with it for a few more hours, but...

Kuta LinkIt Bay bee

Thanks for the fun, man.
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OK, I just whipped this up in the past two hours because I had just found out about the contest. Hope it's worthy... Thanks ;)Here it is. [link]
no more time!!!
last one I SWEAR.
Yo Sean!
You missed this one!
HI CHEEKS, THIS IS my participation to Kuta Art Card Contest
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oh crap i thought this was over?, give like a day more and ill submit mine, i have a graphics tablet now lol
Zatransis's avatar
Hey dude!

You may want to say which time zone. Especially for people in other countries.

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hey Cheeks:
Chech the amblagar illustation for the contest here:
TeenTitansMan's avatar
Here's my entry. Thanks for the chance. [link]
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Yo! Here's my entry, hopin' it's not too late ;P

Wagnr's avatar
My second entry


I hope you like it :thumbsup:
ryangenovese's avatar
I am astonished by the sheer variety of styles from people who entered this contest. There's a little bit of everything... cutesy, graphic-y, painterly, etc. etc. Great job everyone! :D
ryangenovese's avatar
Am I too late???!

Entry One: [link]

Entry Two: [link]
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a lil last minute, but i wanted to try my hand. cool contest sean!! cant wait to see everyones take on your creation!

here's mine:
sterlingvisions's avatar
Here is my entry. I just realized that I may not have linked it so, here it is.Enjoy. right.[link]
sir-rudolph's avatar
Here's mine:


doin shit last minute like a champ.lol
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