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Howdy, folks!

Ok, it's that time.  To announce the winner, the runner-ups and to open the gates to pre-orders of my 2011 art book Cheeks: Still Together!  

Book cover (contents of book below):

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Bag image:

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:iconartfulshrapnel: Cheeks: Still Together
Winner: 2 books and 2 bags.

Deviant Art runner-ups:
1) :iconmastersamus117: Nothin Butt Cheeks
2) :iconr3nisa: Cheeks: Letting Loose
3) :iconkingofhearts: Cheeks: Special Delivery
4) :iconmiddletonempire: Cheeks: Exposed
Runner-ups: 1 book and 1 bag.

Bloggers runner-ups:
5) Elias: Cheeks:Gastronomical
6) Javier M. Cheeks: Dropping 1 and 2.
7) Cartoon Dood: Cheeks: Spreading The Love
Runner-ups: 1 book and 1 bag.

Congratulations to this year's winner and runner-ups!  And a huge thank you to everyone for participating and making my sides split with your book title entries.

Please claim your prize!  Last year some people didn't give me their mailing address, so I couldn't send the goods out.  When you do send me your mailing address (VIA EMAIL please) please link me to your gallery, so I can cross check  it.  :)


All pre-orders will be mailed out immediately the week following San Diego Comic Con.

All pre-orders are eligible for a free Bastion's 7 bag!

End date for Pre Orders is July 15th!  Don't miss out on a free bag and a free head sketch in the back of your copy of the book!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


HERE'S THE 411: Cheeks: Still Together:
-Cover Gumshoes 4 Hire artbook cover by cheeks-74
-It's hardback
-w/wrap-around cover w/spot varnish
-140 pages (3/4 of the book is unseen art to the public).
-Full color
-Head sketches for all pre-orders.



-1 book: $30(book)+ $8.70(shipping) = $38.70
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.95(shipping) = $71.95

-1 book: $30(book)+ $8.97(shipping) = $38.97
-2 books: $60(book)+ $15.87(shipping) = $75.87

-1 book: $30(book)+ $16.20(shipping) = $46.20
-2 books: $60(book)+ $32.00(shipping) = $84.80

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

BAG PURCHASES: $5.00 shipping rate not included.  :)


Hope y'all digs!
© 2011 - 2021 cheeks-74
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Silverstream06's avatar
Oh wow I've only recently found your art but can we still order a book or will you have a new one for 2012?
syrusbLiz's avatar
Hey Cheeks, if I'd known your book was coming with an earthquake I might have reconsidered the pre order! :þ

In seriousness, thank you for the sketch! And the book is just beautiful.
Ebonyleopard's avatar
I was just shown your past books by a friend this weekend. Great stuff. Is there a way to order older books as well as this new one?
HeroGear's avatar
Books and bags are looking great!
Aeolus06's avatar
Congrats to the winners! :clap:
Pumaboy3d's avatar
what if i preorder a book and pick it up at the convention COMIC CON can i still get a bag :D and not pay shipping
LostKhance's avatar
I'm a fan of this plan too! I'd happily take this option.
Pumaboy3d's avatar
yup yup lets make this happen !!
schults's avatar
where i can pre order your book?
Bluangel13's avatar
Cute I want one!!!! see you at comic con!
LastBornSin's avatar
WOW i still have the sketch you did for me at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon, of my character and i have it framed ITS SAWEET
mastersamus117's avatar
Which email do I email?
Lboors's avatar
Another order!!!
mastersamus117's avatar
Hey did I email the right email?
Ggsoulsister's avatar
Still paying for parts of my costume so I can't preorder. Sorry about that! (Thats why read what i said above this comment box!).
Ggsoulsister's avatar
How often do you have contests? I am going to get your book again when I return to comic con this year!!!!
TheoryGarcia's avatar
definitely going to order one.
tombancroft's avatar
Wow, I didn't realize what that bag was going to look like....its super nice. You're GIVING that away? Those are going to be very popular, my friend! Hey, just heard I'm going to SD comic con, so I'll be sure to drop by and say hi! And buy some stuff! Make the line short when I get there, kay? Its always so uber long cause you're a superstar.
GinnyMilling's avatar
Totally ordered! Loved my last few books sooo much!! <3 Very very excited!!
nanook123's avatar
Placed my order already 8D

I was stalk...i mean waiting for this!
JoshawaFrost's avatar
Sweeeeeeet!! Can't wait til payday homie!!
invader-hime's avatar
areyouplanetbound's avatar
ordered and ORDERED! i wanna see more patches man! my kids LOVE those things on their clothes!
EdPalhares's avatar
Just Ordered Mine!
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