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Heya, thugs, and thugettes.

Thank you all for being a constant inspiration to me and to a ton of others.  It's that time to give back... And what better way of doing that than to hold the annual Cheeks' artbook name contest.  Bottom line is I need a title for my 2010 artbook...  

Last year, It was a blast to see what your witty noggins could come up with, so Imma continue it as a tradition, what say you? The winning title for last year's artbook is Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.  

The rules.....
None really... Except keep it clean, yo!  Or at least witty and almost over the line.  

deadline is January 5th.

The prize:
Last year you all wanted the prize to be my Glamour Shot photos for your desks, but this year, and believe me when I say it tears me apart inside, it'll be just the my 2010 artbook.  Don't give me the stink eye, you!  Not cool.  I can only do so much, and let's just face it, I ain't as purdy as last year.  Bummer, right?  Aging stinks for me.

How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of the book, signed, and with a head-sketch.  One copy for you and one copy for any friend or family I choose... ahem.. I mean you choose.  

My previous books
I have a theme....for the past 5 years I used word play for my titles, of course you probably already picked up on that.  :P

My books from oldest to newest were called:
1)Got Cheeks?  
2)Had Cheeks Want More?
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)  
4)Spread the Cheeks

My final decision is TBD (basically when I have time to read over them :P). HEHEHE

Who's ready to fight?  Bring it on!  Oh, and good luck, champs!

Luff ya,


my lil bro- :iconkeggo:

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