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need some Bengay for dat thor?

finally got around to slappin Thor silly with some colors. :)

Hope y'all digs!
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His feet could be a little wider. It looks like he has rabbit feet, no offense. His ankles are a little thin. His arms looks like giant ham legs. I need to write 100 words minimum, so... You got the hair swinging realistically. His thumbs are in the right place. You got the right amount of runes. Maybe wash his boots a little, they look like he has been running around in a rodeo, which is cool. The handle of Mjolnir looks pretty scuffed, like it has been used a lot. By the way, is he in Midgard or on Asgard? The clouds are gold, so...?
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This image is in my opinion, ideal. Ideally suited for the character, and for the medium. I love any illustration for a comic book character that is suited both to the style of the character and the environment in which they are most at home. Comic book characters are very well suited for an animation style, and this Thor illustration is no different. The low color saturations give a pleasant atmospheric quality to the entire piece. The lack of black trap lines around the character, make this an actual illustration and not a simple drawing. I have no negative comments, only that Id like to see the eyes a little darker, thats it! Over all, very compelling, I just love it!
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-squeals- Yay you drew a Thor, I was going threw your gallery and all I could think was *please let there be a Thor* x3 and I love how its drawn in your own way ^-^
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HAHAAHA thank you so much! :)
LOVE THIS!! Great work!! Keep on keeping on!!
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Thor would be proud.:)
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Thor's my Dad's fav.
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this is the coolest thor ive seen so far
dude it's like a thor mixed with asterix and obelix
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Excellent Thor joke! :clap:
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Thor is my favorite Marvel character. and your art rulez. :+fav:
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Cool. Looks kind of the same style as the Spectatular Spider man cartoon.
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This is awesome. Thor is one of my favorite super heroes of all time, and I don't see much fan art of him, so I really appreciate this! :D
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thank you very much! very happy you like it. :)
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absolutely my pleasure
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Thor's my favorite comic book character, I love this piece. Cool work man.
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thank you very much!
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you're welcome :)
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I do indeed digs on this! This is great!
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Excellent rendition of The God of Thunder. Bet he's about to slap around some baddies a bit...
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