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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turd

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Long time no see.  Soggies about that.  Hectic schedule and 2 ranting kiddies.  I post a lot more on Instagram.  Link up top.  :)

Here's a commission I did.  Had the pleasure to collab again with my dude :iconlawvalamp:! We did a different approach than my previous Avengers commission collab. 

I wanted to see how we could execute the painterly treatment while keeping the lines in and hardening the edges between the light and shadowed areas.
Brian knocked it outta the park.

If anyone's interested in a commission from me you can contact my art rep, MetalYoshi (twitter), at  Yoshi will have all the details.  

Avengers GO! by cheeks-74

We hope y'all digs!

Love ya.

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This is an unbelievable piece in all aspects! I love the composition and rendering. The poses and designs are dynamic and interesting. If I ever reach this level of competency in my art I'll consider myself a very accomplished artist. 
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I like it! but why Ninja Turd? how come I don't see feces?(EW!) all I see is turtles, rhinos, and robots!
But don't get me wrong, the artwork is really cool!
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Very cool piece! I'd say you and your collaborator's art styles have messed quite nicely together! And I'm just loving that jagged arch of lighting on the Rhino!
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Oh my gosh GIANT KRANG! :o
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Well this is pretty awesome!
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Great composition, I love the perspective! 
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Your art style is phenomenal. I've fallen in love with your stuff in Spectacular Spiderman, and your work here is just as superb. Your sense of style and design is amazing and I hope to see some of your genius grace animated and possibly even comic book works in the future. Seriously killer stuff!

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OOH! Classic TMNT! How great!
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Love that Krang!
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Awesome work! ... Now I wish there was a Ninja turtles show done in this style. 
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Love how Krang looks like the .... the... technidrome? was that the name?
The big mobile foot base thing aka best toy ever
awesome as always
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Love it! And it features my favorite "Turd" lol. Awesome job!
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Gosh this came out so good!!!!
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