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Teen Titans Gooooooooooo!

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The gang's all here! Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp...
Whoops, wrong gang. :)

We know who these thugs are.  This is a Teen Titans Go! commission.  If anyone's interested in a commission from me you can contact my art rep, Yoshi, at Yoshi will have all the details. :)
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Sweeeet! I haven't watched TTGO! in a while TBH.

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Other than a couple of surprisingly decent movies, the TV series itself has been more or less of a dumpster fire...

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What a bunch of idiots. “Nice work” Cartoon Network, you joined with DC and ruined your channel. First you made that annoying show, Clarence, and now this trash!
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Hey, Clarence was an alright show compared to Teen Titans Go.

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Teen Titans Go came before Clarenece. 
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Well, they’re still both trash ideas.
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From what I've seen Clarence has some thought into it, but i didnt watch most of it.
woooow i really like your designs, would you mind if i use some of them ??
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They're definitely all assembled.
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Good show! Awesome fanart!!
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The only good thing that came out of this show was the fanart. 
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The show is actually worse than Ultimate Spiderman because of bad animation and insulting the fans and critics, but I do love its art style.
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Wow you managed to do the impossible. You managed to make them actually likable
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Teen Titans vs. Teen Titans Go

This same kind of argument was done before:

TMNT 1987 vs. TMNT 2003

one show was more action, while the other was more comedy

both have good and bad things about them, but still entertaining for the most part

Why can't we all just get along?
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If only the show was as good as this drawing.
Soooo cute ADN epic 
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I don't like TT Go but I like this :).
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this looks awesome!!!
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