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Puny Peter Parker Aint So Puny

Howdy howdy and some mo' howdy. Hope y'all had a nice weekend and in doing so kicked that paper in the arse and thrashed it with awesome art! hahaha

Welp, I just wrapped up my print for SDCC 2010. I haven't done a print in years, so I am giddy all over to make time for one this year.

Hope y'all digs!
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I love his glasses! He looks so cute! Absolutely adored this show

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Wait never mind, just looked at other comments. btw, I love that series its sad that it didn't finish. You my friend, did and are still doing excellent job with your work. Love your art style.
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Are these drawing based of of the spectacular spiderman series?
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just love your style !!
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Is that supposed to be Mary Jane at the bottom?
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cool and dynamic, nice colours too
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i love this so much! i love how you made peter look so geeky looking!
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haha thank you!
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O.o funney this shows up under "smurfs" in the search XD nice pic.
copped this print frem yeh @ NYCC!
thanks brah!
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Great as always.
Another coincidence:
The man in the background looks exactly like a villian from
The fearless four.

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Go, Spidey, go! =D
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I love it; the style is very similar to the one used in Spectacular spider-man. :3 Is this your take on it or just a coincidence?
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Actually, I designed the cartoon. :)
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Yeah, I figured that out soon after myself. xD Sorry about that.
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HAHAHA No need to be sorry! I wanted to have fun with ya. ;)
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;D haha. Alright then. lol.
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