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Glamour Shots

Thank you, everyone for diggin the Teen Titans teaser I posted earlier. You all are way too kind. :)

Here's what I did first to get a good feel of the characters. I was given the liberty to cheeks-ify them.

Hope y'all digs!
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Which Robin is that?
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The Spectacular Justice League.

Your style is awesome and these designs look amazing <3
Buen trabajo. / Good job.
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Got it! i was wondering what the style was and I just figured it out! Spectacular Spiderman! ZING!
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who ist the red caracter? Trigon?
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I quite like that Wonder Girl design, the Kid Devil design is really nice too, and Miss Martian's hair looks cute like that.
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your style is unique, very cool work. =D
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lovely work! very unique!
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ur style reminds me of spiderman show that was soo...awesome :D
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Wow! Looking good!
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Robin looks tight.
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So what exactly is the art style supposed to be?
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Even though your design are cool seem retro-ish to the late 90's american sytle, robin's feet are hugee compared to other characters. Still i digg the blue bettle design and wonder girl. Great work.
P.S.- I have touble with feet too =J
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i bought the first few sunday comics but stopped when i heard there was going to be a hardcover. i enjoyed most of those individual stories... wonder woman was too busy. you dont have a wikipedia entry? wtf im excited to see this new young justice league animation.
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What's that on Wonder Girls leg?
FantasticWerring's avatar
yo can you do revenger please
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